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Golbat (Pokémon)

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In Pokémon Generations
===In Pokémon Generations===
A Golbat made an appearanceappeared in ''[[PG04|The Lake of Rage]]'', under the ownership of a {{tc|Team Rocket Grunt}}. Along with {{p|Grimer}}, {{p|Magnemite}}, {{p|Raticate}}, and {{p|Houndoom}}, it was defeated by [[Lance's Dragonite]] during [[Lance]] and {{ga|Ethan}}'s infiltration of the [[Team Rocket HQ]].
AnotherA Golbat appeared in ''[[PG07|The Vision]]'', under the ownership of a {{tc|Team Magma Grunt}}. It was defeated by {{ga|Brendan}}'s {{p|Sceptile}} during the pair's intrusion of the [[Team Magma Hideout]].
Multiple Golbat appeared in ''[[PG11|The New World]]''.