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In ''[[XY019|A Conspiracy to Conquer!]]'', after overhearing one of Team Rocket's conversations, [[Officer Jenny|Madame X]] and her {{an|Malamar}} captured Pikachu. After Clemont attempted to use his "Automatic Pikachu Retrieving Device" to find Pikachu, it was revealed that Malamar had hypnotized Pikachu, making him one of Madame X's subordinates. While searching for Pikachu, Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena were also hypnotized by Malamar. Once Ash and Meowth finally found Pikachu, Team Rocket, and Madame X, Madame X forced Pikachu to attack Ash. Ash got through to Pikachu, who started fighting Malamar's control. Afterwards, the Automatic Pikachu Retrieving Device burst in and rammed into Malamar, causing it to lose its control over everyone. After Malamar revealed its plans through Meowth, Pikachu attempted to attack it, but Malamar managed to escape.
In ''[[XY025|Climbing the Walls!]]'', Ash used Pikachu as his third and final Pokémon in his [[Cyllage Gym]] battle against [[Grant]]. He went up against his {{p|Tyrunt}}. Pikachu was at a type-disadvantage since Tyrunt was part {{type|Dragon}}. Pikachu used Quick Attack and jumped to attack from above to avoid {{m|Crunch}} and hit Tyrunt. Tyrunt then used its signature {{m|Draco Meteor}}Eventually, but Pikachu dodged and struck it with a super-effective Iron Tail. As the meteor shower from Draco Meteor rained down, Pikachu used Iron Tail to jump on the meteors and perform the Draco Meteor Climb, which was based on the Rock Tomb Climb Froakie previously used. Tyrunt then used its jumping abilities to jump high and use Dragon Tail and clashed with Pikachu's Iron Tail. Grant then had Tyrunt use his favorite move, Rock Tomb, but Pikachu deflected the projectiles with Iron Tail, knocking one into Tyrunt's mouth. Whileand Tyruntrendering was nowit unable to use Crunch,. PikachuThis hadallowed the opportunityPikachu to move close and finish with Ash's favorite move,use Thunderbolt, defeating Tyrunt, winning the battle, and earning Ash the {{badge|Cliff}}.
In ''[[XY028|The Bonds of Evolution!]]'', Pikachu was used in the Ash's battle against [[Diantha]], the [[Kalos League]] Champion, where he faced her {{pTP|Diantha|Gardevoir}}. {{TP|Diantha|Gardevoir}} managed to dodge all of Pikachu's attacks and hit him hard with a Shadow Ball. The battle was then interrupted by Team Rocket.
In ''[[XY030|Mega Revelations!]]'', Pikachu battled against [[Korrina's Lucario]]. Pikachu'sDuring Quickthe Attack was easily taken by Lucario and his Iron Tail was blocked.battle, Lucario used its great speed to dodge an Iron Tailattacks and then raised its {{stat|Attack}} using {{m|Swords Dance}}. Pikachu was then unable to dodge Lucario's speedy attacks and got hit by several {{m|Bone Rush}}es andbefore was thenbeing finished off bywith a powerful {{m|Power-Up Punch}}. [[XY032|Later]], he battled Lucario in its [[Mega Evolution|Mega Evolved]] form. However, during the battle, Lucario started to go out of control and became unusually aggressive in its attacks, forcing Ash to protect Pikachu. In response, [[Gurkinn]] sent out his {{p|Lucario}} to block the attack. Lucario then lost consciousness and the battle was called off.
Pikachu battled Lucario again inIn ''[[XY032XY042|TheBattling AuraInto Stormthe Hall of Fame!]]'', butPikachu thiswas timeused againstin Lucarioa Team Battle alongside with [[Serena's Fennekin]] and [[MegaClemont's Evolution|Mega EvolvedChespin]] form.against Mega[[Tierno's LucarioSquirtle]], used Bone[[Shauna's RushBulbasaur]], butand Pikachu[[Trevor's managedCharmander]]. toPikachu knockand the boneothers awaywere withhaving Irona Tail.hard Pikachutime thendue wentto fortheir Quickopponents Attackgreat andteamwork, managedwhich led to dodgeFennekin abeing Power-Updefeated Punchby Squirtle. Lucario,After however,taking startedsome tohits, goPikachu outjumped ofto controldodge anda chasedFlamethrower, afterbut himwas beforethen kickingtargeted himby intoBulbasaur's aSolar rockBeam. PikachuMuch thento wentShauna forand Electroher Ballfriends' surprise, buthowever, itChespin dodgedused itVine and now startedWhip to attackpull Pikachu aggressivelyup, forcinggiving Ashhim the opportunity to protectdefeat PikachuCharmander with Thunderbolt. AsPikachu Lucariothen wentdefeated toBulbasaur attackwith AshElectro Ball and PikachuSquirtle with Thunderbolt, [[Gurkinn]]giving sentAsh, outSerena and Clemont the hiswin {{ptt|Lucario}}and tothe blockspot on the attack.Hall Lucarioof thenFame|Despite losthaving itsone consciouspoint andless than Team Chikorita, as the battlefinal wasscores calledwere offinconsistent with the points given on screen}}.
In ''[[XY042|Battling Into the Hall of Fame!]]'', Pikachu was used in a {{DL|Pokémon battle|Team Battle}} alongside with [[Serena's Fennekin]] and [[Clemont's Chespin]] against [[Tierno's Squirtle]], [[Shauna's Bulbasaur]], and [[Trevor's Charmander]]. Pikachu and the others were having a hard time due to their opponents great teamwork, which led to Fennekin being defeated by Squirtle. When Pikachu used Quick Attack, Squirtle used Rapid Spin to block and send Pikachu flying. He also took some damage from the embers from Charmander's {{m|Flame Burst}} and he and the others were then hit by Bulbasaur's Razor Leaf. Pikachu then jumped to dodge a Flamethrower, but was then targeted by Bulbasaur's Solar Beam. Much to Shauna and her friends's surprise, Chespin used Vine Whip to pull Pikachu up, giving Pikachu the perfect opportunity to defeat Charmander with Thunderbolt. When Squirtle used Rapid Spin, Chespin used Vine Whip to stop it, while Pikachu managed to defeat Bulbasaur with Electro Ball. After avoiding Squirtle's {{m|Aqua Tail}}, Pikachu also defeated it with Thunderbolt giving Ash, Serena and Clemont the win {{tt|and the spot on the Hall of Fame|Despite having one point less than Team Chikorita, as the final scores were inconsistent with the points given on screen}}.
In ''[[XY044|Showdown at the Shalour Gym!]]'', Pikachu was the last Pokémon Ash used during his [[Shalour Gym]] battle with [[Korrina]], sending him out to face Korrina's Mega Lucario. Ash was convinced that Korrina wasn't the only one who trained, both Pokémon stared off as this was going to be the final battle. Pikachu used Quick Attack and combined it with Electro Ball, launching a fast Electro Ball, but this was deflected by Bone Rush. Pikachu's Iron Tail was blocked and Lucario kicked him into the air. While in mid-air, Pikachu hit Lucario with Thunderbolt, but it immediately countered with Aura Sphere, knocking him to the ground. Pikachu was able to get to up and showed his strength by unleashing his electricity. Lucario then used Metal Sound, which Pikachu drowned out using his Thunderbolt hitting Lucario as well. Then Lucario used Aura Sphere, but Pikachu used Iron Tail to bounce off it and jump, similar to the Draco Meteor Climb. Lucario jumped towards Pikachu and used Bone Rush, but Pikachu countered with Iron Tail. While both Pokémon were clashing with their attacks, they both crashed down on the ground. Both Pokémon, however, were still standing. Lucario's Power-Up Punch was then countered with Iron Tail, and its Aura Sphere then collided with Pikachu's Electro Ball. Pikachu was able to recover first from the collision and struck Lucario with Thunderbolt, finally defeating the Aura Pokémon, thus giving Ash the victory and earning him the {{badge|Rumble}}. As the group prepared to depart for [[Coumarine City]], Pikachu and Lucario bumped fists as a promise to battle again someday.