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Kingdom events: condensed thieves section, noted that weather is tied to months after several trials
Rainstorms, snowstormsheat waves, or heat wavessnowstorms can appear in kingdoms during May, August, and November respectively. They will be signified by an icon of a rain cloud, snowflakea sun, or a sunsnowflake appearing over the affected kingdoms. They will maximize the Energy of {{t|Water}}, {{t|IceFire}}, and {{type|FireIce}} Pokémon respectively in those kingdoms.
Warriors from other kingdoms will visit one of the player's kingdoms where they can be battled and recruited.
This event has three variations depending on the season: in spring monthsApril flowers will bloom, in autumnAugust monthsa thesummer leavesfestival will turnbe orangeheld, and in summerOctober monthsthe a summer festivalleaves will beturn heldorange. The summer event occurs only if the player owns {{DL|List of Pokémon Conquest items|Fireworks}}.
===Full kingdom===
When the number of Warriors in the player's army reaches a certain numbermilestone numbers, the Warriors will celebrate and the Energy of their Pokémon will increase by three levels.
===Stolen itemThieves===
A gang of bandits may stealappear, anwith itemone belongingof tothree thepossible playerscenarios. The bandits's army, andcontains mustthe besame defeatedPokémon inand orderWarriors toin recover theall stolenthree itemcases.
* The bandits will steal an item belonging to the player's army, and must be defeated in order to recover the stolen item.
===Stolen* Pokémon===Farmers will discover a rare item, but the bandits will attempt to steal it, and must be defeated to receive the item.
A* gangThe ofbandits thieves maywill kidnap a Princess's {{p|Lilligant}}, and must be defeated in order to receive a reward item from the Princess. In the event that the player does not manage to defeat the gang of thievesbandits, or simply letlets them escape without battling, the Princess will still get her Lilligant back. However the thieves will retain the reward item.
===Training trip===