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Using [[Pal Park]], players can transfer Pokémon from their Generation III games to [[Generation IV]] games; however, Pokémon cannot be returned from Generation IV to Generation III. Additionally, Pokémon sent through Pal Park cannot know any Generation III [[HM]] moves. Similarly, using the [[Poké Transfer Lab]], transfer is possible from Generation IV to [[Generation V]], although as well as the limitation on HM moves, the Pokémon must not be holding any items. It is also possible to use a method called the [[Relocator]] to transfer specific event Pokémon before reaching the Poké Transfer Lab, although the same restrictions apply.
Games from [[Generation VI]] onward are compatible with the [[Pokémon Bank]] online application that allows storing Pokémon in an online cloud. Its companion application [[Poké Transporter]] allows transferring Pokémon from Generation V, as well as [[Virtual Console]] releases of Generations I and II, to the same cloud. Pokémon transferred from Generation V can be retrieved in Generation VI and VII games, while Pokémon transferred from Generations I and II can only be retrieved in Generation VII games. Pokémon can be transferred from Generation VI to generation VII games via the Pokémon Bank itself, but once a Pokémon has been saved in a Generation VII game, it cannot be transferred back to a Generation VI game. Also, even within a generation, forms, moves and species introducesintroduced mid-generation cannot be transferred to games that predate them. In any case, HM moves or held items do not prevent Pokémon from being stored or transferred using the Pokémon Bank, but certain [[List of Pokémon with form differences|forms]], such as fused forms of {{p|Kyurem}}, do.
===International trading===
** Since September 5, 2018, these Pokémon are guaranteed to be Lucky, provided that at least one of the players has not already accumulated ten Lucky Pokémon
Since April 2019, players who are Best Friends have a chance of becoming Lucky Friends, which guarantees the next trade to result in Lucky Pokémon. This can possibly be triggered by performing ana task that may increase Friendship level, such as opening a [[Gift]] or trading a Pokémon, on the first interaction of the day. After completing a trade with a Lucky Friend, the players will return to Best Friend status.