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Celebi (Pokémon)

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* Celebi was the only Pokémon of the 100 [[Generation II]] Pokémon that wasn't used in [[Pokérap GS]].
** However, it was used in the [[Hoenn Pokérap]] along with {{p|Mew}}, another Pokémon that wasn't used in [[Kanto Pokérap|its own generation's Pokérap]].
* Prior to the Virtual Console release of Pokémon Crystal on the 3DS, it was impossible to legitimately obtain a shiny Celebi in a non-Japanese language game. In addition, Celebi was unobtainable in its shiny form for the most number of Generations, making it the rarest shiny Pokémon that could still be obtained legitimately.
* During the main story of {{g|Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Explorers of Darkness}}, {{mdc|Celebi|2}} is referred to as a female, while it is genderless in the core series as well as on the Mystery Dungeon status screen.