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Lanturn is a blue Pokémon that resembles an {{wp|anglerfish}}. It has big, red eyes with a yellow mask-like marking around them and small, light blue {{wp|fish fin|pectoral fins}}. The lower half of its tailfin is yellow and has jagged edges. On its back is a Y-shaped antenna with a spherical orb at each tip; this antenna is a modification of its dorsal fin. Inside its orbs are bacteria that produce light by absorbing Lanturn’s bodily fluids. It lures prey using the glow, then blinds them by using an intense flash before it swallows them whole. The flash it creates is visible on the surface from a depth of over three miles (five kilometers). This has earned it the nickname “The Deep-Sea Star”. Lanturn inhabits the depths of the {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Sea Pokémon|ocean}}.
==In the anime==