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Totodile (Pokémon)

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Totodile is a bipedal, {{wp|Crocodylia|crocodilian}} Pokémon with well-developed jaws. It has red eyes with ridges above them, black markings around its eyes, and several sharp teeth. On its chest is a yellow, V-shaped marking that extends to its arms; there is a thin line through the center of the marking. Totodile has five fingers and three toes. Down its back is a row of three red spines with a small, red ridge on either side. The tip of its tail has a single red spine as well. Totodile tends to be playful by nature and has a habit of biting anything it sees, including its {{pkmn|Trainer}}. However, its jaws are capable of crushing anything, so it sometimes causes serious injuries. InTotodile is scarce in the wild, although it preferscan tobe live along thefound {{DL|List of Pokémon by habitat|Water's-edge Pokémon|edges of bodies of water like rivers, ponds and lakes}}.
==In the anime==