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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
* In ''[[PS025|You Know... Articuno!]]'', Red traded his {{p|Krabby}} for [[Misty]]'s [[Gyara]]dos because {{p|Gyarados}} knew how to use the move {{m|Surf}}.
* In ''[[PS109|Ampharos Amore]]'', {{adv|Silver}} told {{adv|Gold}} to use his Pokédex to trade his [[Polibo|Poliwhirl]] for Silver's {{p|Seadra}} in order to evolve them. They traded back in ''[[PS110|Piloswine Whine]]''.
* In ''[[PS449|Raising the Stakes with Rhyperior]]'', it was revealed that Blue had traded his {{p|Rhydon}} to Silver, allowing ithim to evolve into {{TP|Blue|Rhyperior}} and fill up the empty slot in Silver's team after his {{TP|Silver|Ursaring}} had disappeared along with {{adv|Giovanni|his father}}. In the {{chap|X & Y}}, Rhyperior was revealed to have returned to Blue's ownership.
* In [[PS543]], {{adv|Blake}} and {{adv|Whitley}} traded their newly caught {{p|Karrablast}} and {{p|Shelmet}}, causing them to evolve into {{p|Escavalier}} and {{p|Accelgor}}, respectively. They then immediately traded back.