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Continuing the {{pkmn|battle}}, [[Lysandre]]'s {{me|Gyarados}} uses {{m|Hyper Beam}}, but {{AP|Pikachu}} dodges and uses {{m|Quick Attack}}. The Atrocious Pokémon is finally knocked by a combination of [[Alain's Charizard|Mega Charizard X]]'s {{m|Dragon Claw}} and {{AP|Greninja}}'s {{m|Cut}}, followed by Pikachu's {{m|Thunderbolt}}. [[Alain]] claims that the fighting instinct Lysandre spoke of is a thing of the past, but the [[Team Flare]] Boss remarks that he is still intent on recreating the world. Then, he walks to the edge of [[Lumiose Gym|Prism Tower]] and jumps off. Greninja tries to rescue him with its tongue, but misses. [[Malva]] is shocked by Lysandre's move and falls to her knees. {{Ash}} receives a call from {{an|Serena}}, who informs him about the success of their quest. Serena then asks Ash to go to the Lumiose Gym and check on {{an|Clemont}}.
Meanwhile, {{TRT}} is still in their battle with [[Team Flare]]. [[Celosia]] and [[Mable]] tell {{p|Drapion}} and {{p|Weavile}} to use {{m|Sludge Bomb}} and {{m|Ice Beam}} respectively, but [[Jessie]] has her {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} counter by using {{m|Mirror Coat}}, and [[James]] shoots a net to capture the Team Flare scientists and their {{OBP|Pokémon|species}}. Meanwhile, Serena and her group mates have reached the [[Giant Rock]], where {{Steven}} is trying to study the nature of the research conducted on the Rock. Suddenly, it starts to glow red, and the glass containing it shatters; [[Chespie]] is pulled towards and is absorbed by the Rock. [[{{an|Professor Sycamore]]}} attempts to stop [[Mairin]] from approaching the Rock as it changes its shape. The phenomenon causes the building to start collapsing, and everyone flees. Once outside, everyone notices the transformed Rock completely destroy the building, causing Mairin to worry about Chespie. Steven is certain that the Rock is the source of the event, and claims that anything can happen now. With the Rock wrecking havoc in the [[Lysandre Labs]], {{tc|Team Flare Grunt}}s and {{tc|Team Flare Admin}}s run away from the Labs, along with Team Rocket who flees on the helicopter and decide to continue with reporting the disaster. In [[Anistar City]], [[Olympia]] and her {{p|Meowstic}} note the the Anistar City {{DL|Anistar City|Sundial}} glowing red, and Olympia describes it as "trembling". Meanwhile, Ash and Alain have reached the Lumiose Gym and notice Clemont grieving over [[Clembot]]'s destroyed body. Ash asks if Clembot can be repaired, but Clemont states that he will try his best, and that he hasn't been of any use so far. Serena calls Ash to inform about the Giant Rock; he, Alain and Clemont learn that it has absorbed Chespie, shocking both Ash and Alain, and has started out for [[Anistar City|somewhere]]. Professor Sycamore sends them the co-ordinates and asks them to reach the site with [[Meyer|Blaziken Mask]]. When the call disconnects, Ash asks Clemont if he would like to join, and Clemont agrees, stating that the battle is not over just yet.
[[Squishy]] and {{an|Bonnie}} eventually catch up with an exhausted [[Z2]]. Bonnie tries to greet Z2, but it gets startled, and runs away. It confronts Squishy and remarks about the evilness of human beings, but Squishy states that it believes in humans, as they have not given up yet. Bonnie approaches Z2 and attempts to lift it up in her arms, but Z2 is indecisive. Squishy explains how being with Bonnie allowed it to witness the hard work of people and Pokémon, and the trust between them, to achieve happiness, claiming that the humans it travels with, never give up. An excited Bonnie picks up Z2 and starts tickling it, as Blaziken Mask and Mega {{p|Blaziken}} watch from a distance, when they are approached by Ash, Alain, Clemont, and Malva in a helicopter.
* {{an|Bonnie}} persuades [[Z2]] to trust her.
* Ash encounters {{Steven}} [[AG022|again]].
* Ash and {{ashfr}}, along with Alain, [[Mairin]], [[{{an|Professor Sycamore]]}}, [[Meyer|Blaziken Mask]], Steven, [[Malva]], and Team Rocket, follow the Giant Rock.
* [[Diantha]] and all the [[Gym Leader]]s of [[Kalos]] arrive to join the battle against the Giant Rock.
* [[Nurse Joy]]
* [[Officer Jenny]]
* [[{{an|Professor Sycamore]]}}
* [[Alain]]
* [[Mairin]]
* {{p|Luxray}} ({{OP|Clemont|Luxray}})
* {{p|Wigglytuff}} ({{OP|Nurse Joy|Wigglytuff}})
* {{p|Garchomp}} ([[{{an|Professor Sycamore]]}}'s; {{me|Garchomp}})
* {{p|Charizard}} ({{OP|Alain|Charizard}}; [[Mega Evolution|Mega Charizard X]])
* {{p|Chespin}} ([[Mairin]]'s; [[Chespie]])