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[[{{an|Professor Sycamore]]}} is seen on a screen, advertising the [[Pokémon Summer Camp]], which lasts one week, and its purpose to bring Trainers and Pokémon closer together by interacting with other trainers. As he finishes his invitation speech, {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}} arrive at the Pokémon Summer Camp, and all of them are dazzled at the site of the camp, as well as the seaside. As they are admiring the view, Professor Sycamore calls out to them. They talk to the professor a bit, and Ash talks about how he had seen [[Korrina]] and her Mega Lucario, which the professor wishes he could have seen. Meanwhile, {{TRT}}, who have been hired as chefs for the camp, are carrying food while they pass by and see Ash and his friends, having known that they would attend the camp, and quietly discuss plans to steal {{AP|Pikachu}} and everyone's Pokémon. However, they are interrupted by the custodian, [[Madame Catherine]], who keeps a close eye on them.
Meanwhile, [[Sophie]] assigns Ash and his friends to a cabin to stay in for the program. They are assigned to the Froakie cabin, which therefore identifies the group as "Team Froakie". The group takes an enjoyment to the inside of the cabin, and like the overall conditions. While Ash looks out the window, {{an|Clemont}} notes how this is somewhat reminiscent of the time Ash and {{an|Serena}} first met. Ash agrees and tells Serena that they should make this experience a good one, which she concurs. As Ash looks out the window, he sees an ongoing battle between a {{TP|Tierno|Squirtle}} and {{p|Conkeldurr}} outside. Ash and his friends go outside to watch the battle, and they are all impressed at Squirtle's mobility. The Squirtle's trainer then shows off his "dance" methods of battling, much to the dismay of the opponent. Squirtle uses its dance techniques to quickly dodge Conkeldurr's attacks, and soon defeats Conkeldurr with {{m|Skull Bash}}. The Conkeldurr's trainer then admits that he has never had quite a unique battle, while the Squirtle's Trainer makes a remark on how that's his battling style. Ash, impressed, comes up and challenges the trainer, while he introduces himself as {{an|Tierno}}. The two greet each other, and Tierno explains that he is part of "Team Squirtle". Meanwhile, after the two greet, Tierno quickly takes notice of Serena, and recognizing her, quickly runs off. He comes back, bringing a girl, and asks her if Serena is the particular girl that she recognizes. The girl is awed that she is seeing Serena in person. This causes Serena to question how the girl knows her, to which she explains that she saw her [[Pokévision]] video from [[XY021|several episodes before]], much to Serena's surprise. As the group begins to remember what Pokévision is, Clemont then is quickly flabbergasted at the thought of his rather disastrous Pokévision being seen by the public. However, {{an|Bonnie}} says that she made the video so that everyone could view it, much to Clemont's dismay. Meanwhile, the girl introduces herself as {{an|Shauna}}, and expresses her admiration of Serena's promotion video, while she is thanked by a flattered Serena.
<!-- This is not for summarizing everything that happens in this episode. Only events pertaining to the series as a whole, such as catching and releasing Pokémon and obtaining Badge, go here.-->
* {{Ash}}, {{an|Clemont}}, {{an|Bonnie}}, and {{an|Serena}} enroll in the [[Pokémon Summer Camp]].
* Ash and {{ashfr}} meet up with [[{{an|Professor Sycamore]]}} again.
* Ash and his friends meet {{an|Shauna}}, {{an|Tierno}}, and {{an|Trevor}} for the first time.
* Serena has her first official [[Pokémon battle]], although its end result is left unclear.
* [[James]]
* [[Nurse Joy]]
* [[{{an|Professor Sycamore]]}}
* [[Korrina]] (flashback)
* [[Diantha]] (fantasy)