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Permission to link to other users' videos?: been a long time not writing wikicode...
== Permission to link to other users' videos? ==
Hi, I looked at the history of [[List of glitches in Generation II]], and I noticed you [undid someone's edit undid someone's edit] with the reason being they haven't asked for permission from the YouTube channel they used. Is there a policy prohibiting this? I don't see anything wrong, not even copyright, because [[User:KirbyMario12345|KirbyMario12345]] simply linked a YouTube video to the section, which is actually helpful because you can't hear text. If there's really a policy prohibiting that, I will try to reproduce the glitch and record it. Thanks, [[User:Pandakekok|pandakekok]] ([[User talk:Pandakekok|talk]]) 10:19, 2 August 2019 (UTC)