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Hippopotas (Pokémon)

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===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
A male Hippopotas appeared in ''[[PS361|Bombastic Bibarel & Heroic Hippopotas]]'', alongsideunder histhe ownership Trainerof a {{tc|Gentleman}} at the [[Seven Stars Restaurant]],. It appeared along with a {{tc|Madame|Socialite}} and her {{p|Bibarel}}. The quartet battled {{adv|Diamond}}'s {{p|Torterra}}, [[Tru]], and {{adv|Pearl}}'s {{p|Infernape}}, [[Chimler]] in a [[Multi Battle|Tag Battle]].
==In the TCG==
Hippopotas is based on a {{wp|hippopotamus}}, with army-like {{wp|camouflage}}. Because of the spout upon its back that spits sand, Hippopotas and its evolutionevolved form may be based upon the legendary {{wp|Bahamut}} as, in some accounts of the myths behind it, it is said to support a bed of sand and have the head of a hippo.
====Name origin====