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Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver Versions

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** The Route 2 now uses the same theme as the {{rt|3|Kanto}}. This means that the Route 2 theme is now different from any previous generation, given that in Generations I and III the Route 2 used the {{rt|1|Kanto}} theme.
* The [[Seafoam Islands]] main cave (which was unavailable in Generation II) uses the same theme as the [[Ice Path]].
* The final battle against [[{{ga|Silver (game)|the player's rival]]}} plays his regular battle theme instead of the [[{{pkmn|Champion]]}} theme like in Generation II.
* Upon defeating Red, the game plays the regular trainer victory theme rather than the [[Gym]] victory theme played in Generation II.
* Instead of sharing the same music as the city/town the [[Poké Mart]] is in, it now has its own theme.