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Ash's Butterfree

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image=[[File:Ash Butterfree.png|224px]]|
caption=Ash's Butterfree|
gender=Unknown<!--Asref>Male with Charizard,in ''[[M20|I AshChoose is an alternate continuity AshYou!]]''. So this Butterfree is NOT M20 Butterfree.--</ref> |
location=[[Viridian Forest]] |
* When Metapod evolved into Butterfree, it became Ash's first Pokémon to share a type with another Pokémon already in his team; sharing its Flying-type with {{AP|Pidgeotto|Pidgeot}}.
* There is a fan theory that states Butterfree die after mating, but it comes from a mistranslation, and there is nothing to stop Butterfree returning in the future.
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