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[[File:Ursula and Gabite.png|thumb|left|220px|Gabite and Ursula]]
Gabite debuted in ''[[DP114|Another One Gabites the Dust!]]'' alongside [[Ursula]]. Gabite appears to share Ursula's bad attitude, purposelyintentionally stepping on [[Dawn's Pachirisu]]'s [[Poffin]] and then developing a rivalry with it similar to the one between Dawn and Ursula. Gabite was present when Ursula was eliminated from the [[Wallace Cup]].
Gabite was used in the [[Contest Battle|Battle Stage]] of the [[Chocovine Town]] [[Pokémon Contest]], during which she knocked Jessie out of the competition by defeating {{TP|James|Carnivine}} and then faced Pachirisu in the final. Gabite completely dominated the first half of the battle, but Dawn was able to win by whittling down Gabite's points by having Pachirisu gracefully dodge Gabite's attacks.