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After careful consideration and a suggestion from a friend, this is probably the better option. That being said, anything past this is complete speculation.
|caption=Blue in the {{chap|X & Y}}
|years=2819+ (as of [[List of rounds in the twelfththirteenth chapter of Pokémon Adventures|the twelfththirteenth chapter]])
|birthday=November 22
* Although {{adv|Silver}} is the [[Pokédex holder]] whose special skill is Pokémon [[Trade|trading]], Blue tops out the roster amongst the holders with four Pokémon that have evolved via trade. They are his {{TP|Blue|Scizor}}, {{TP|Blue|Machamp}}, {{TP|Blue|Porygon2}}, and {{TP|Blue|Rhyperior}}. Additionally, his Porygon2 and {{p|Pumpkaboo}} are capable of evolving via trade. Meanwhile, the other Pokémon evolving via trade owned by other protagonists are Silver's {{p|Kingdra}}, {{adv|Gold}}'s [[Polibo|Politoed]], Yellow's {{p|Golem}}, {{adv|Blake}}'s {{p|Escavalier}}, and {{adv|Whitley}}'s {{p|Accelgor}}.
* Both the Japanese and Chinese print show that {{adv|Professor Oak}} is Blue's paternal grandfather.
* Blue is the only Pokédex holder to have a named [[Daisy Oak|sibling]].
* Blue is 5'9" (175 cm) tall and weighs 132 lbs (60 kg).
** Blue is both the tallest and heaviest Pokédex holder.