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Instruct (move)

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Using an instructed move is a separate action, and effects bound to a Pokémon's actions are applied individually: for example, a Pokémon may hit itself in {{status|confusion}}, be {{status|sleep|asleep}}, or {{a|Truant|loaf around}} for the first of its actions, but execute a move normally for its second. All actions that are not bound to a Pokémon's actions still apply once for the entire turn: for example, if a Pokémon has {{status|flinch}}ed, this applies to all of its actions for the remainder of the turn; if it is {{status|poison}}ed, it will take poison damage only once at the end of the turn.
A Pokémon can successfully be instructed to repeat a move when under the effect of {{m|Torment}}. When instructed to use {{m|Fake Out}}, {{m|Mat Block}}, {{m|First Impression}}, a [[status move]] while under the effect of {{m|Taunt}}, or a move that's hassealed beenby {{m|Imprison}}, or a move that's {{m|Disable}}d, the target will attempt to use it, but fail.
The instructed move will target the same Pokémon slot as the previously used move, as long as a Pokémon is present in that slot.