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{{adv|Silver}}'s {{p|Seadra}} evolves into Kingdra when he trades her to {{adv|Gold}} for {{p|Poliwhirl}}, which also [[Polibo|evolves]], in ''[[PS109|Ampharos Amore]]'' but is not seen in this form until ''[[PS111|Tyranitar War]]''. The two then trade back, so that each would have his original, though evolved, Pokémon. She is then used in his battle with Gold in the ruins of [[Ecruteak City]], where she defeats {{DL|Gold (Adventures)|Sudobo}} after being switched in. Silver also uses her to {{m|Waterfall|climb waterfalls}}.
In ''[[PS123|Debonaire Dragonair]]'', [[Clair]] of the [[Blackthorn Gym]] is shownrevealed to own a Kingdra. It is seen following its Trainer as they approach the Dragon's Den.
[[Juan]] also has a Kingdra which he uses to assist {{adv|Ruby}} and {{adv|Sapphire}} in their training. It first appeared in ''[[PS255|With a Spoink in Your Step I]]''.