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International trading: Grammar (redundant preposition)
Trading between Japanese and non-Japanese games is not recommended in [[Generation I|Generations I]] and [[Generation II|II]], mostly due to the different memory locations within the RAM. While possible, these trades will result in the corruption of both save files, forcing both players to restart their games from the beginning<ref></ref>. To prevent this from happening in the [[Virtual Console]] releases of the Generation I and II games, Japanese and non-Japanese games do not detect each other. Trading between games released outside of Japan, such as between a Spanish {{game|Crystal}} and a French {{game|Yellow}}, does not result in any corruption, and as such is allowed in the [[Virtual Console]] releases.
These games do not track a Pokémon's language of origin, and Pokémon with foreign species names are treated as if they were nicknamed. Which means that in an English Generation I or II game, a foreign {{p|Pichu}} named "PICHU" will evolve into a {{p|Pikachu}} nicknamed "PIKACHU", but a foreign {{p|Charmander}} named "[[List of French Pokémon names|SALAMECHE]]" will retain the name "SALAMECHE" after evolving into a {{p|Charmeleon}} as if it were a nickname. If a traded Pokémon from Generation I or II is sent to the [[Pokémon Bank]] via the [[Poké Transporter]], its language of origin is determined based on the game from which the Pokémon is transferred, not the game from which it originally came from.
Trading became possible between all versions of the games in [[Generation III]], where the English language text was programmed in even the Japanese games. Due to the relatively low chance of English and other language games coming into contact with Japanese games, however, precautions were not taken in the Japanese games to preserve a Pokémon or Trainer's name when traded in, as their maximum lengths are different. While games released outside Japan will display a Pokémon's OT and nickname fully, Japanese games will only display the first five letters.