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Pokémon GO
* Best Friends are guaranteed at least 5 IVs for each stat
Some trades are considered Special Trades, which usually require a lot more Stardust. Special Trades require the players to be Good Friends or higher, and only one Special Trade can be made per day. The following are considered special trades:
* Pokémon not already in the recipient's [[Pokédex]] (including alternate forms such as {{p|Unown}} or costumed {{p|Pikachu}})
* [[Legendary Pokémon]], {{p|Meltan}}, and {{p|Melmetal}}
* [[Shiny Pokémon]]
* [[Team GO Rocket|Purified Pokémon]]
Trading a purified Pokémon already registered in the recipient's Pokédex, although counts as a Special Trade, does not cost additional Stardust.
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