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Ash's Butterfree

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Original series
Butterfree battled [[A.J.]]'s powerful {{p|Sandshrew}} in ''[[EP008|The Path to the Pokémon League]]''. Butterfree went for Stun Spore, but Sandshrew avoided it using {{m|Dig}} before pinning Butterfree to the ground to win the round.
[[File:OPJ10 Butterfree.png|thumb|250px|Ash's Butterfree with its mate]]
In ''[[EP015|Battle Aboard the St. Anne]]'', Ash used it in a battle against a {{tc|Gentleman}} and his {{AP|Raticate}}. Butterfree countered Raticate's {{m|Jump Kick}} with Tackle. After dodging a {{m|Hyper Fang}}, Butterfree crippled it with Stun Spore. As Ash was about to finish the battle, the Gentleman called the battle off and declared it a draw, despite Butterfree's almost certain victory. The Gentleman then approached Ash and asked to [[trade]] the Pokémon. Ash accepted, but quickly regretted the decision after realizing his attachment to Butterfree. Later, Ash managed to exchange the Raticate for his Butterfree. While he was reunited with his friend, the decision led Ash and {[{ashfr}} to be left trapped aboard the sinking [[S.S. Anne|St. Anne]]/.
In ''[[EP019|Tentacool & Tentacruel]]'', Butterfree flew {{AP|Bulbasaur}} into battle with a [[Giant Pokémon|giant]] {{p|Tentacruel}}, but it was knocked out by Tentacruel's attack.