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Greninja (Pokémon)

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==In the manga==
[[File:Y Croaky.png|thumb|180px100px|Greninja in [[Pokémon Adventures]]]]
===In the movie adaptations===
[[Riot]] owns a Greninja in ''{{ma|Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction}}''.
{{adv|Y}}'s {{p|Frogadier}}, Croaky, evolved into a Greninja during a battle against [[Xerosic]] in ''[[PAXY32|Malamar Traps]]''.
==In the TCG==
===''{{mov|Detective Pikachu}}''===
Five Greninja appeared in ''{{mov|Detective Pikachu}}''. They were genetically modified and put in chambers. They were later used to chase after [[Harry Goodman]], and also [[Tim Goodman|Tim]] and [[Lucy Stevens|Lucy]] when they broke into Howard's facility.
==Game data==