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Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon
:''"All right. I will tell you what I know."''
:''"But what I know is not much. Just that there is a ceremony held for the Legendary Pokémon at the altar. A ceremony that uses two particular flutes to somehow give the Legendary Pokémon power."''
:''"Ho! That looks to be the flute that used to reside at the lake on Ula'ula. The other is said to be held on [[Exeggutor Island]]. I do not know why there of all places, but it has been passed down that that's where it belongs."''
:''"Yes. And no reason to dally here. Let us go and speak with [[Mina]]. Lillie, you take Mudsdale. We proceed to [[Seafolk Village]]!"''
;[[Vast Poni Canyon]]
:''"Well then! The path to the shrine is through the canyon. You will find other Trainers in this place, though. They come for training. It will be a tough road."''
:''"You will have to pitch in too, Lillie. But if you two end up in any real trouble, Mudsdale and I will hasten to you."''
;[[Altar of the Sunne]]{{sup/7|US}}/[[Altar of the Moone]]{{sup/7|UM}}
:''"Our history tells us that the Vast Poni Canyon trial was the very first trial ever to be held."''
:''"You did a fine job clearing it, just as expected, <player>."''
:''"Look at the two of you. I think this might just work out."''
:''"No, I am quite sure of it!"''
;Seafolk Village
:''"You did an admirable job completing Mina's trial."''
::'''Regardless of choice''': ''"Yes, it is time for your grand trial! I'll await your arrival on Exeggutor Island."''
;Exeggutor Island:
:''"Do you want to try to take me and my Pokémon on at our full strength?"''
::'''I need to prepare first''': ''"Heh. I will be awaiting you, then."''
::'''Only if you'll take on mine''': ''"Then allow me to show you the power of the kahuna chosen by Tapu Fini itself!"''
:''"Having a Z-Ring like we do, <player>, means that we battle with the tapu beside us."''
:''"I am Kahuna Hapu! And with the [[Sparkling Stone]] entrusted to me by the tapu, I have made this [[Z-Power Ring]]!"''
:''"<Player>. Having Z-Power Rings as we do means that we battle with the tapu beside us."''
:''"This is the first grand trial of Kahuna Hapu! I will battle you with everything that I have got!"''
* Upon being defeated
:''"Thud! That's the sound of your strength rocking me to my core!"''
* After being defeated
:''"You have succeeded in your final grand trial!"
:''"Phew... You are undoubtedly a prodigious Trainer, <player>! In the past, any Trainer who completed the island challenge would make a pilgrimage to [[Mount Lanakila]] to battle the kahunas once more. In these battles alone, the kahunas would no longer hold back in any way."''
:''"But this year, you will face a different sort of trial upon Mount Lanakila. That will be your next destination, but first let us return to Poni Island."''
;Seafolk Village
:''"The new final trial awaits you upon Mount Lanakila, <player>. You can begin your trek up Mount Lanakila from Tapu Village on Ula'ula Island."''