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====Decolore Islands====
[[File:Bulbasaur and Pikachu.png|thumb|250px|Pikachu reuniting with Bulbasaur]]
In ''[[BW125|Cilan and the Case of the Purrloin Witness!]],'', Pikachu participated in the [[Marine Cup Tournament]]. He managed to beat other Trainers with a {{p|Gurdurr}} and an {{p|Eelektrik}} and make it to the finals. He battledthen againstbattled [[Teaque]]'s {{p|Galvantula}}. After a tough battle, Pikachuand was able to knock it out Galvantula with Iron Tail, winning the tournament for Ash.
In ''[[BW141|Best Wishes Until We Meet Again!]]'', Pikachu, along withand {{TP|Iris|Axew}} waswere captured by Team Rocket, while Ash, Iris, and {{an|Cilan}} were trapped inside the ship's cargo space. He was eventually freed out offrom the net and together, with Axewthe usinghelp Dragonof RageAxew, Charizard using Flamethrower, and {{TP|Cilan|Pansage}} using Solar Beam, Pikachu used Thunderbolt to blastblasted Team Rocket off. Later, Pikachu said farewell to Axew, Iris, and Cilan as he, Ash, and [[Alexa]] continued on to Pallet Town.
Pikachu was reunited with Bulbasaur and the entire Unova team at Professor Oak's Laboratory in ''[[BW142|The Dream Continues!]]''. He joined the others in a group attack on Team Rocket with his Thunderbolt to send them blasting off for the last time in the ''Best Wishes'' series. Pikachu then continued to travel with Ash when he set off for the [[Kalos]] region.
In ''[[XY001|Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!]]'', Ash and Pikachu arrived inat Kalos by plane along with Alexa. After being thrown out of the [[Lumiose Gym]] for not having enough Gym Badges, Ash was saved by {{an|Clemont}} while Pikachu was saved by {{an|Bonnie}}. Bonnie was excited to be holding Pikachu, leading to him shocking her because she was holding him too tightly. After becoming acquainted with their rescuers, Ash challenged Clemont to a battle, which Clemont reluctantly agreed to. In the battle, Pikachu faced [[Clemont's Bunnelby]]. Despite Clemont admitting that he only recently caught Bunnelby, he proved to be quite a challenge for Pikachu. After a couple of attacks, Pikachu used Iron Tail, but Bunnelby easily caught it with his ears. However, Bunnelby was unable to use his ears, giving Pikachu the opportunity to hit the Digging Pokémon with Electro Ball. The battle was then interrupted by Team Rocket, who once again attempted to steal Pikachu. Ash attempted to stop them, but Jessie had her Wobbuffet reflect Pikachu's attacks with {{m|Mirror Coat}}. Pikachu was saved by a {{AP|Froakie}}, who shielded him with its body at the cost of being injured. With Bunnelby and Froakie's help, Pikachu blasted the trio off. Froakie soon collapsed from its injuries, so Ash, Pikachu, and their new friends went to [[Professor Sycamore]] to heal Froakie.
In the battle, Pikachu faced ''[[Clemont'sXY002|Lumiose City BunnelbyPursuit!]].'', DespiteAsh Clemontand admittingPikachu thatmanaged heto onlyget recently caught Bunnelby, he provedFroakie to beProfessor quiteSycamore. aLater, challengewhen forProfessor Pikachu. PikachuSycamore's Thunderbolt{{p|Garchomp}} waswent blockedcrazy byfrom Bunnelby,one whoof usedTeam hisRocket's earsdevices, toPikachu createand aAsh mudpursued shield. Bunnelby then used Dig. Pikachu triedher to confuse Bunnelby with his speedy movements, butget the Diggingdevice Pokémonoff wasand ablefree to hit himher. PikachuAfter thenchasing scoredher ato directthe hittop withof QuickPrism AttackTower, whichPikachu Bunnelbyremoved quicklythe recovereddevice from. BunnelbyGarchomp's thenneck used Double Slap, hitting him several times before knocking him back. Pikachu then usedwith Iron Tail which Bunnelby easily caught with his ears. NowHowever, however, Bunnelby was unabledue to usethe hisfight ears, giving Pikachudamaging the opportunity to hittower, the Diggingground Pokémon with Electro Ball. The battlePikachu was thenstanding interruptedon bybroke Team Rocketoff, whocausing once again attemptedhim to stealfall Pikachu for their plansoff. Ash attemptedimmediately toleaped stopin them,to butsave Jessiehis hadfriend, herto Wobbuffetthe reflectshock Pikachu'sof attacksmany, withincluding {{man|Mirror CoatSerena}}. PikachuThey waswere both saved by a {{APme|FroakieBlaziken}}, who shieldedintercepted Pikachuthem with its body atin the cost of being injured. With Bunnelbyair and Froakie'sput help,the Pikachutwo wassafely usedback to blast offonto the villains. Froakie soon collapsed from its injuries, so Ash, Pikachu, and their new friends went to [[Professor Sycamore]] to heal Froakie back to healthground.
In ''[[XY002XY005|LumioseA CityBlustery PursuitSantalune Gym Battle!]]'', AshPikachu andwas Pikachuthe managedfirst toPokémon getAsh Froakieused toduring Professorhis Sycamore[[Santalune soGym]] thatbattle hewith could[[Viola]], besending healed.him Whenout Professorto Sycamore'sface her {{p|GarchompSurskit}}. wentDespite crazythe fromtype one of Team Rocket's devicesadvantage, PikachuSurskit and Ash pursued herproved to getbe thea devicetough offopponent, andusing freeits her.speedy After chasing hermovements to thedodge topPikachu's ofattacks. Prism TowerEventually, although Pikachu removedgot thea devicesuccessful from Garchomp's neckhit with Iron Tail. However, duehis toThunderbolt thewas fightoverpowered damagingby theIce tower,Beam theand ground Pikachuhe was standingthen onknocked brokeout off,by causing{{m|Signal himBeam}}. toAfter fallhe offwas withhealed Ashat immediatelythe leapingPokémon in to save his best friendCenter, tohe thetrained shock of many includingwith {{anAP|SerenaFletchling}}. Theyfor weretheir bothrematch, savedusing byAlexa's a{{p|Noivern}}'s {{mem|BlazikenGust}}, whoto interceptedhelp them inwithstand the{{p|Vivillon}}'s airown andGust, putwhich thebeat twoFletchling safely back ontoin the groundfirst battle.
In ''[[XY005XY006|ABattling Blusteryon SantaluneThin Gym BattleIce!]]'', Pikachuthey waswere thefinally firstable Pokémonto Ashwithstand usedNoivern's duringGust. hisLater, [[Santaluneusing Gym]]one battleof withClemont's [[Viola]]inventions, sendingthey himpracticed outavoiding to face herSurskit's {{pm|SurskitSticky Web}}. DespiteAfter theit type-advantagebroke, Surskitthey provedused toFroakie beand aits toughFrubbles opponent,instead usingto itspractice. speedyThe movementsnext to dodgeday, Pikachu's attacks.was PikachuAsh's Quickfirst AttackPokémon wasfor blockedhis byrematch Protectagainst andViola, hiswhere Ironhe Tailagain waswent dodgedup against her Surskit. AfterUsing blockinghis training, Pikachu's Electrowas Ballable withto Icedodge Beam,Sticky itWeb usedand Iceultimately Beam ondefeat the field,Pond freezingSkater itPokémon. WhileAsh recalled Pikachu slippedand onsubstituted thehim ice,for SurskitFletchling. He was ablelater called out again to skatebattle onVivillon, itwho had beaten Fletchling. AlthoughDuring the battle, Pikachu didwas gethit aby successfulVivillon's hit{{m|Sleep withPowder}}. IronThinking Tailback to their training, hisAsh Thunderbolthad wasPikachu overpowereduse byElectro IceBall Beamon andhimself heto waskeep thenhimself knockedawake, outallowing byhim {{m|Signalto overpower Vivillon's Solar Beam}}. Afterwith heElectro wasBall. healedThis atcaused theVivillon Pokémonto Center,crash heinto trainedthe withlamps, {{AP|Fletchling}}which forhad theirbeen rematchfrozen by using AlexaSurskit's {{p|Noivern}}'sIce {{m|Gust}}Beam; toits helpwing themwas withstandsubsequently {{p|Vivillon}}'sfrozen. Gust,This whoallowed beatPikachu Fletchlingto indefeat the firstScale battlePokémon with Thunderbolt, earning Ash the {{badge|Bug}}.
In ''[[XY006|Battling on Thin Ice!]]'', continuing his training along with Fletchling, they were able to withstand Noivern's Gust well. Later, using one of Clemont's inventions, they practiced to avoid Surskit's {{m|Sticky Web}}. After it broke, they used Froakie and its Frubbles instead to practice. The next day, Pikachu was Ash's first Pokémon for his Gym Battle rematch against Viola, where he again went up against her Surskit. Using his training he was able to dodge Sticky Web, and after having his Thunderbolt blocked by Surskit's Protect and dodging its Signal Beam, he was able to hit Surskit with Iron Tail. Afterwards, Pikachu tried to stop Surskit from using Ice Beam on the field by climbing on it and using Thunderbolt, but Surskit was able to shake him off and managed to create the ice field as well as freezing the area. This time, however, using his tail, Pikachu was able to stabilize himself on the ice field. His Thunderbolt then overpowered Surskit's Signal Beam, defeating the Pond Skater Pokémon. Ash recalled Pikachu and substituted him for Fletchling. He was later called out again to battle Vivillon, who had beaten Fletchling. Vivillon attacked with Gust, but as Pikachu was still damaged from battling Surskit, he wasn't able to withstand attack. As Vivillon went for another Gust, Ash had Pikachu use Iron Tail to anchor himself to the ice field to withstand the attack. Vivillon then used Solar Beam, which was countered with Thunderbolt. In his current position, however, Pikachu was left vulnerable to Vivillon's {{m|Sleep Powder}} and got hit. While he was struggling to stay awake, Vivillon charged its Solar Beam. Thinking back to their training, Ash had Pikachu use Electro Ball on himself to repel Sleep Powder, thus keeping him awake. Vivillon then launched the Solar Beam, but Pikachu was able to overpower it with Electro Ball, causing Vivillon to crash into the lamps which were frozen by Surskit's Ice Beam misfire, freezing its wing. This allowed Pikachu to defeat the Scale Pokémon with Thunderbolt, earning Ash the {{badge|Bug}}.
[[File:Officer Jenny Pikachu.png|thumb|250px|right|Pikachu hypnotized by {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the anime|Malamar}}]]
In ''[[XY019|A Conspiracy to Conquer!]]'', after overhearing one of Team Rocket's conversations, [[Officer Jenny|Madame X]] and her {{DL|Recurring wild Pokémon in the animean|Malamar}} captured Pikachu. After Clemont attempted to use his "Automatic Pikachu Retrieving Device" to find Pikachu, it was revealed that Malamar had hypnotized Pikachu, making him one of Madame X's subordinates. While searching for Pikachu, Clemont, Bonnie, and Serena were also hypnotized by Malamar. Once Ash and Meowth finally found Pikachu, Team Rocket, and Madame X, Madame X forced Pikachu to attack Ash. Ash attempted to getgot through to Pikachu, whichwho worksstarted and Pikachu starts to fightfighting Malamar's control. Pikachu electricity did getAfterwards, the Automatic Pikachu Retrieving Device to burstedburst in and rammed into Malamar, causing it to lose its control over everyone. After Malamar revealed hisits plans through Meowth, Pikachu attempted to attack it, but Malamar managed to escape.
In ''[[XY025|Climbing the Walls!]]'', Ash used Pikachu as his third and final Pokémon in his [[Cyllage Gym]] battle against [[Grant]]. He went up against his {{p|Tyrunt}}. Pikachu was at a type-disadvantage since Tyrunt was part {{type|Dragon}}. Pikachu used Quick Attack and jumped to attack from above to avoid {{m|Crunch}} and hit Tyrunt. Tyrunt then used its signature {{m|Draco Meteor}}, but Pikachu dodged and struck it with a super-effective Iron Tail. As the meteor shower from Draco Meteor rained down, Pikachu used Iron Tail to jump on the meteors and perform the Draco Meteor Climb, which was based on the Rock Tomb Climb Froakie previously used. Tyrunt then used its jumping abilities to jump high and use Dragon Tail and clashed with Pikachu's Iron Tail. Grant then had Tyrunt use his favorite move, Rock Tomb, but Pikachu deflected the projectiles with Iron Tail, knocking one into Tyrunt's mouth. While Tyrunt was now unable to use Crunch, Pikachu had the opportunity to move close and finish with Ash's favorite move, Thunderbolt, defeating Tyrunt, winning the battle and earning Ash the {{badge|Cliff}}.