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Despite this, she keeps a high interest in Pokemon and other 'video game-related' characters. She currently is interested in Pokemon 4th generation a lot, but she also likes the 2nd generation as much.
Recently she received Pokemon Pearl and is currently playing it.
Hye Min likes Pokemon very much. Just like in real world, she likes birds, such as {{p|Xatu}}, {{p|Murkrow}} and {{p|Altaria}}. But she also is fond of Pokemon other than birds, like {{p|Lucario}}, {{p|Gallade}}, and even {{p|Shieldon}}. It is hard for her to choose favorites, but she picks {{p|Shieldon}} and {{p|Honchkrow}}.
Some of the human characters she likes : [[Ash]], [[James]], [[Cheryl]], [[Morty]], [[Winona]], [[Gardenia]]
The 'list' may increase as more characters appear in the animation series.