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Despite having branched evolutions, {{p|Eevee}}, {{p|Tyrogue}}, and {{p|Wurmple}} only have a single button, with no indication of which Pokémon it will evolve into.
*Normally, if the player evolves Eevee, it will randomly evolve into one of {{p|Vaporeon}}, {{p|Jolteon}}, and {{p|Flareon}}. However, if the player meets a special requirement, the player can influence its evolution.
**Once per nickname, if an Eevee has one of five special [[nickname]]s when evolved, it will evolve into a specific Pokémon. If the Eevee is nicknamed "Rainer", "Sparky", "Pyro", "Sakura", "Tamao", "Linnea", or "TamaoRea", it will evolve into Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon, Espeon, Umbreon, Leafeon, or UmbreonGlaceon, respectively. Once the player has evolved an Eevee using one of these nicknames, that nickname will no longer have any impact on Eevee's evolution.
**If Eevee is currently the [[Buddy Pokémon]] and has obtained at least 2 Candy for the player, it will evolve into {{p|Espeon}} during Day Mode or {{p|Umbreon}} during Night Mode.
*The Pokémon Tyrogue evolves into depends on its highest {{IV}}. It will evolve into {{p|Hitmonlee}} if it is Attack, {{p|Hitmonchan}} if it is Defense, or {{p|Hitmontop}} if it is HP. If there is a tie, the tie is broken randomly.