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Glare (move)

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* Drampa, Druddigon, and Helioptile can learn this move, which is known as へびにらみ ''Hebinirami'' (Snake Glare) in Japanese, despite not being based on any particular snake. This may be because Western dragons and snakes, particularly the {{wp|basilisk}}, are both sometimes depicted as being capable of influencing their victims with eye contact, either by using some magical ability to immobilize those that look into their eyes or simply paralyzing them with fear.7
** It might also simply be that the move was originally the signature move of Ekans and Arbok.
* The descriptions of the move in {{2v2|FireRed|LeafGreen}} and [[Generation IV]] onwards state that "''The user intimidates the {{tt|target|foe in Generations III and IV}} with the pattern on its belly''", a description that seems to be intended specifically for Arbok. The anime, manga, and Pokémon Stadium series portray Glare as a literal glare at the opponent instead.