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Pokémon Play It! Version 2

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The "Play" mode is divided into fifteen levels: five "Basic", three "Basic Challenges", six "Advanced" and one "Advanced Challenge". Those without "Challenge" in their name are tutorial levels, with pre-designed, non-shuffled decks, using only one prize, used to teach the {{player}} various aspects of the game, such as [[Retreat cost|retreating]], [[status condition]]s, {{TCG|Pokémon Power}}s etc. Coin tosses are also usually not random. These levels replace most of the less interactive content of the "Learn" feature of the original, although parts of it can still be found in version 2.
In the "Challenge" levels, the player can play actual duels against Julie. "Basic Challenges" use the half decks from the original. Those three levels are [[Fighting Deck (TCG)|Fighting]] vs. [[Water Deck (TCG)|Water]], [[Water Deck (TCG)|Water]] vs. [[Fighting Deck (TCG)|Fighting]] and [[Fire Deck (TCG)|Fire]] vs. [[Fighting Deck (TCG)|Fighting]] duels, respectively. The "Advanced Challenge" mode is where the player can play a match using standard 60-card decks, choosing from seven available decks. Unlike the original, Julie can also use any of the decks (although it is not possible for both sides to use the same deck).