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Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness

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* Though {{p|Lugia}} is the main focus of the game, it has only the second-highest level of snaggable [[Shadow Pokémon]] (tied with {{p|Articuno}}, {{p|Zapdos}}, {{p|Moltres}}, and {{p|Salamence}}), at level 50. The Shadow Pokémon of the highest level in this game is a {{p|Dragonite}} at level 55.
* Before the release of Pokémon XD, {{wp|Reggie Fils-Aime}} stated that Pokémon XD would not be a sequel to {{pkmn|Colosseum}}, but rather a whole new game, having a similar style to {{2v2|Ruby|Sapphire}}.
* If one trades a {{OBP|Pokémon|species}} from {{g|Colosseum}} to a [[Game Boy Advance]] game and then to this game, it will say the Pokémon was met in a distant land, even though both Colosseum and XD take place in Orre. A similar oddity occurs if the reverse is done.
* If a player pre-ordered this game, they could receive a limited edition [[Nintendo GameCube|GameCube]] skin featuring [[Shadow Lugia]], {{p|Articuno}}, {{p|Zapdos}}, {{p|Moltres}}, {{p|Eevee}}, and [[Michael]].
* Like in Pokémon Colosseum, Shadow Pokémon are banned from VS mode. However, there are no restrictions on non-Shadow Pokémon that are given [[Shadow move]]s through [[cheating]]. The same lack of restrictions also apply to {{p|Bonsly}}.