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{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} have arrived in [[Gloire City]], where the [[Pokémon Showcase]] Master Class is set to take place. {{an|Serena}} is thinking about the competition ahead of her while looking at the gigantic castle where the {{DL|Pokémon Performer|Kalos Queen}} will be crowned. She is soon joined by her [[rival]]s {{an|Shauna}}, [[Miette]], and [[Nini]], who have each collected three {{DL|Pokémon Showcase|Princess Key}}s and are ready to perform foras the title of their dreamswell. Near byNearby, [[Jessie]] is already disguised as Jessilee and claiming that she will be the one to win the Master Class.
At the [[Pokémon Center]], Serena is seen talking to her [[mother]], {{kal|Grace}}, who informs her that she will be in the audience to watch her daughter perform. Serena tells Grace that she is worried she will not be able to perform well, and Grace says that being nervous is natural and that she always got nervous before a race. Serena remembers that she initially set off on her {{pkmn|journey}} only because she did not want to be a {{p|Rhyhorn}} racer, but since then she has met many wonderful friends and Pokémon who have supported her all the way through, and this inspires her to give it her all and go for broke when the Master Class begins.