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:''"Let me pose a question... Do you know of the [[Ultra Recon Squad]]?"''
::'''Regardless of choice''': ''"They seem to be here to investigate some ill that weighs heavily upon them. Luckily, it is quite in keeping with the people and Pokémon of Alola to help those in need. If you seek the next trial, go straight on through here to [[Tapu Village]]. I'll be cheering for you on your island challenge!"''
;[[Ancient Poni Path]]
:''"Oh! Been a while, <player>. And you brought Lillie along, too?"''
:''"You look you're ready to go all out in something now."''
:''"Ho! Then you do your best, Lillie."''
:''"No one could call you lily-livered!"''
:''"The kahuna? Hrmm. Don't have one here on Poni."''
:''"Well, do not be distressed. I wouldn't say that I know nothing of this."''
:''"All right. Let us all proceed to the ruins. You stick with me, you two."''
;[[Ruins of Hope]]
:''"I give my thanks... for your great blessing. As kahuna, I will do my best for the people... and the Pokémon of Alola."''
:''"Oh! So you two were watching?"''
:''"The kahunas are chosen by the Pokémon we worship here in Alola—our sacred guardians. They are chosen from among the people living on the island each guardian watches over. Lillie told me that you're pretty new to our parts, eh, <player>? You came to Alola from far off? You must really be something then. I heard how you were given a [[Sparkling Stone|sparkling stone]] by the tapu, even as a stranger to our shores."''
:''"My grandfather... My grandfather was also chosen for this honor. The honor of being our [[Island Kahuna|island's kahuna]]. But he died suddenly some years back, and we were left without a kahuna on Poni."''
:''"I tried to follow in his footsteps, but I was not chosen by the tapu back then. So I set out on my own sort of island challenge, traveling Alola and trying to grow stronger."''
:''"Lillie. The kahuna you wished to meet is right here."''
:''"So you want to know about {{p|Solgaleo}}{{sup/7|US}}/{{p|Lunala}}{{sup/7|UM}}, who we pay tribute to at the Altar of the Sunne{{sup/7|US}}/Altar of the Moone{{sup/7|UM}}?"''
:''"A world where beasts reside, eh... I reckon that must be the kind of world you find at the other end of those holes that open up in the sky, just as my grandfather once described."''
:''"All right. I will tell you what I know."''
:''"But what I know is not much. Just that there is a ceremony held for the Legendary Pokémon at the altar. A ceremony that uses two particular flutes to somehow give the Legendary Pokémon power."''
:''"Ho! That looks to be the flute that used to reside at the lake on Ula'ula. The other is said to be held on Exeggutor Island. I do not know why there of all places, but it has been passed down that that's where it belongs."''
:''"Yes. And no reason to dally here. Let us go and speak with Mina. Lillie, you take Mudsdale. We proceed to Seafolk Village!"''