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'''Mr. Big''' (Japanese: '''ハナビシ''' ''Hanabishi'') is a [[character of the day]] who appeared in ''[[AG033|Now That's Flower Power!]]''.
Mr. Big lives in [[Slateport City]]. He specializes in making Pokémon themed {{wp|fireworks}} with crushed {{Berries}}, using different kinds in order to make differentvarious colors. Mr. Big was a former {{pkmn|Coordinator}}, having a total of three {{pkmn|Contest}} [[Ribbon]]s.
After {{Ash}} had a {{pkmn|battle}} with {{an|May}}, he commended Ash and his {{AP|Taillow}} ofon their amazing performance, even recommending they enter a [[Pokémon Contest]]. May corrected Mr. Big, adding that she was actually {{pkmn|training}} for Contests. He taught May about Pokémon Contests, declaring that patience and [[Pokéblock]]s were key to becoming a successful Coordinator. Mr. Big gave her a [[Pokéblock Case]] and invited them over to his shop to learn to make Pokéblock.
As they arrived inat the building, they discovered that {{TP|May|Torchic}} had eaten all of the freshly picked [[Bluk Berry|Bluk Berries]]. Mr. Big was disappointed as he needed the berries for his sample fireworks display that night, so May volunteered everyone to look for some Bluk Berries. Thanks to Torchic, the group successfully retrieved some Bluk Berries. Later that night Mr. Big was able to showcase his fireworks to the organizing committee as planned, and the group and [[Drew]] watched on in awe.