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Deoxys (Duel 219)

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|form=Normal Forme
'''Deoxys''' (Japanese: '''デオキシス''' ''Deoxys'') is a figure in [[Pokémon Duel]]. <!--It was addedmade available in version #3.0.2.-->
==AttackData wheelDisk==
===Version 7.0.0===
===Version 3.0.2-6.2.11===
{{DuelAttack|type=Psychic|movecol=purple|name=Teleport|jname=テレポート|jtrans=Teleport|stars=3|effect=This Pokémon moves 2 steps away.|prob=24}}
==Release information==
This figure was available as a Duel Wins Reward and in Gym Boosters during the Round 1 {{DL|Gym Cup|Fighting Gym Cup}} held from February 23 to March 2, 2017 and the Round 1 {{DL|Gym Cup|Psychic Gym Cup}} held from October 11 to October 15, 2018. It was also available as a {{DL|Login Bonus (Duel)|Special Login Bonus}} from January 18 to 31, 2018 to celebrate the first anniversary of the English release.
* The description "Normal Forme" first appeared on this figure in version 4.0.0.