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In the games
Wulfric appears in [[Pokémon X and Y]] as a Gym Leader. Trainers who defeat Wulfric will receive the {{badge|Iceberg}}, along with {{TM|13|Ice Beam}}. He is said not just to be a strong Gym Leader but also very kind to Pokémon, which is why Pokémon, such as those in Pokémon Village, admire him.<ref></ref>
Initially, Wulfric is not at the Snowbelle Gym, instead being said to be at the {{rt|20|Kalos|Winding Woods}}. Indeed, Wulfric is found at the [[Pokémon Village]], a location west of the woods, where he explains the place to the {{player}}. From there, he goes back to his gym, which is now able to be challenged.
According to the [[television]] show ''Gym Freaks'', Wulfric is a fan of the [[Brycen-Man Series]], to the point of crying when watching the latest movie. He is also rumored to keep a photo of his dearest Pokémon in the locket he wears around his neck.