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Generation V

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* The Japanese logo of the Pokémon games was redesigned once again for Generation V's releases; the first logo was used in [[Generation I|Generations I]] and [[Generation {{gen|II]]}}, and the second during [[Generation III|Generations III]] and [[Generation {{gen|IV]]}}.
** The text for the English boxes also received a new design.
* Generation V introduced the most new Pokémon to the series, with 156 (five more than Generation I introduced).
** Not to feature [[Professor Oak]].
** Not to introduce a higher number of [[Legendary Pokémon]] than the previous generation. In this case, both Generations IV and V introduced nine Legendary Pokémon.
** In which it is impossible to complete the [[National Pokédex]] without [[Poké Transfer|transferring]] Pokémon from a [[Generation IV|previous generation]], even if a player owned all versions in the generation and all [[Event Pokémon]] were acquired.
** That does not feature the [[Kanto]] region.
** To not include [[remakes]] of previous games since [[Generation II]].