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In ''[[BW069|Climbing the Tower of Success!]]'', Ash and Pikachu entered the [[Wishing Bell Festival]]. By working together, they managed to reach the final round, where they had to climb [[Mistralton Tower]] while protecting the flame of their {{p|Litwick}} candle. Despite Pikachu doing his best to protect the candle from a bunch of {{p|Pidove}}'s attacks, [[Stephan]]'s Litwick candle, which turned out to have been a real Litwick all along, blew out Ash's, causing Ash to end up in second place.
In ''[[BW084|Rocking the Virbank Gym! Part 2]]'', Ash chose Pikachu as his final Pokémon in his Gym battle with [[Roxie]]. He faced Roxie's strongest Pokémon, {{p|Garbodor}}, who had already beatendefeated Ash's Pignite and {{AP|Palpitoad}}. Garbodor started off using Double SlapEventually, but Pikachu used his swift movements to dodge Garbodor's long arms, causing them to tangle up. Pikachu used this opportunity to hit Garbodor hard with Quick Attack. Garbodor then attacked by swinging its arms at Pikachu, but he managed to dodge again and shocked the Trash Heap Pokémon with a powerful Thunderbolt. As Pikachu went for an Iron Tail, Garbodor knocked him back with its arms and followed up with several {{m|Gunk Shot}}s. Cornered by these attacks, Pikachu got caught by Garbodor's arms and was then hit by a seriesall of Double Slaps. He was then hit by Gunk Shot, {{status|poison}}ing him. Roxie then ordered Garbodor to finish Pikachu off with {{m|Venoshock}}, but due to all the [[physical move|physical contact]] Pikachu had made with Garbodor, Pikachu'sactivated its Static Ability had activated, paralyzing Garbodor. Pikachu used this opportunity to hit Garbodor with Thunderbolt, but it was able to withstand it and used Venoshock. Pikachu, however, overpowered the attack with Electro Ball and hitdefeated Garbodor, knocking it out, makingearning Ash victorious and earning him his eighth and final Unova Badge, the {{badge|Toxic}}, thus allowing him to enter the Unova League.
In ''[[BW093|Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!]]'', Pikachu was used in one final battle against Dawn, before she headed to Johto. He faced her {{TP|Dawn|Quilava}}. Pikachu used Quick Attack, takingwho hitsturned fromout Quilava'sto Swift,be beforeevenly hismatched attackagainst was dodged. Quilava then used {{m|Flame Wheel}}, which he dodged in time. Pikachu fired off an Electro Ball, which collided with Quilava's Flamethrower. Quilava then used {{m|Smokescreen}}, but Pikachu's Thunderbolt pierced through the smoke and he then attacked with Iron Tail. Quilava, however, countered with Flamethrower, overpowering Pikachuhim. Both Pokémon kept exchanging attacks, withbut Quilava's Swift being deflected by Pikachu's Iron Tail and a collision between Thunderbolt and Flamethrower.finally, Pikachu and Quilava collided once more, with Quick Attack and Flame Wheel, respectively, knocking both Pokémon back. The battle was then called off by [[Cynthia]].
In ''[[BW096|Meloetta and the Undersea Temple!]]'', Ash and Pikachu battled {{an|Giovanni}} and his {{TP|Giovanni|Persian}}, while trying to protect {{an|Meloetta}}., Pikachu outspedbut Persian's {{m|Shadow Claw}} and scored a hit with Iron Tail. Persian, however, immediately followeddefeated upPikachu with {{m|Power Gem}}, defeating Pikachu. Giovanni then successfully captured Meloetta, and took it, along with the imprisoned Ash and Pikachu, to the [[Abyssal Ruins]]. In [[BW097|the next episode]], Pikachu managed to break Team Rocket's force -field prison open by striking it repeatedly with Iron Tail, freeing both Ash and himself. Later, during the battle against the mind-controlled [[{{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences#|Forces of Nature|Therian Forme]]}} {{an|Forces of Nature}}, as{{DL|Forces of Nature (anime)|Thundurus}} aimed a Thunder attack at [[Iris's Dragonite]] and Iris stepped in its way to protect her Pokémon. However, Pikachu jumped in, and absorbed the massive blast of electricity himself. This gave Pikachu a tremendous power boost, as seen later,; when Ashhe told Pikachu to useused Electro Ball, onit Teaminflicted Rocket. The supercharged attack grew into amazinglyexceptionally massive proportions, inflicting notable damage on the Abyssal Ruins, sending Team Rocket flying, and freeing Meloetta.
In ''[[BW103|Curtain Up, Unova League!]]'', Ash used Pikachu in the preliminary round of the [[Vertress Conference]], where he went up against Trip's Serperior. Pikachu'sThe attacksbattle wereproperly easilybegan dodgedin by Serperior, while the Regal Pokémon scored a direct on Pikachu with {{m|Dragon Tail}}. In ''[[BW104|Mission: Defeatthe Yournext Rival!episode]]'', Pikachu continued his battle with Serperior. Pikachu managed to stand up, but got immediately hit by an {{m|Energy Ball}}. Pikachu then managed to dodge a Dragon Tail, but got hit by another one. Serperior then proceeded to grab Pikachu with {{m|Wrap}}. While in Serperior's grasp, Pikachu hit him with Thunderbolt, but Trip quicklyinitially had Serperior anchor his tail in the ground,upper conductinghand the electricity to the ground, preventing damage. Serperior then tightened his grip, causing Pikachu to lose consciousness. When Serperiorand was aboutalmost to finish Pikachu off by slamming himable to the ground,constrict Pikachu wasinto awoken by Ash's voice and managed to escape from Serperior's grip by using Iron Tail on the ground. Pikachu's Iron Tail was then countered and overpowered by Serperior's Dragon Tailunconsciousness. Pikachu, however, still didn't give in and used an Electro Ball-Iron Tail combination, which clashed with Dragon Tail, causingcaused a huge explosion. After the smoke cleared, only Pikachu remained standing, givingleaving Ash thevictorious winand asgiving well ashim his first win against Trip.
In ''[[BW107|Cameron's Secret Weapon!]]'', Ash used Pikachu against {{un|Cameron}}'s {{p|Samurott}}. Samurott blocked Pikachu's Thunderbolt with {{m|Razor Shell}}. Pikachu then went for Quick Attack, but he was overwhelmed by Samurott's Razor Shell and was then hit by a powerful Hydro Cannon. Pikachu then dodged a Megahorn and used Quick Attack. He managed to dodge Razor Shell and hit Samurott hard with Quick Attack, followed up by a powerful Iron Tail. Samurott then blocked an Electro Ball with Razor Shell, but Pikachu immediately followed up with Iron Tail, defeating the Formidable Pokémon. Pikachu stayed in to battle Cameron's Swanna. Swanna started off using a series of {{m|Pluck}} attacks, which were all dodged by Pikachu. Pikachu then used Quick Attack, but Swanna avoided the attack and struck him with Wing Attack. Swanna then went for Bubble Beam, but this was dodged by Pikachu. Swanna then dove towards Pikachu using Wing Attack, but he dodged again and launched a super-effective Electro Ball at the White Bird Pokémon, knocking it out. Pikachu was then recalled. [[BW108|Later during the battle]], Ash sent Pikachu out to face Cameron's newly evolved {{TP|Cameron|Lucario}}, which had just defeated {{AP|Snivy}}, leaving him as Ash's last Pokémon. Pikachu started off by repeatedly using Quick attack, each time scoring a direct hit. He then tried to finish Lucario off with Iron Tail, but Lucario quickly dodged. Lucario then jumped towards Pikachu and hit him hard with {{m|Force Palm}}. Pikachu's Electro Ball then collided with Lucario's {{m|Aura Sphere}}, blowing both Pokémon back. Pikachu then managed to avoid Force Palm, but Lucario chased after him and threw him in the air using {{m|Circle Throw}}. Pikachu, however, managed to land on his feet and struck Lucario with a powerful Thunderbolt, followed up by a Quick Attack. He then went for Iron Tail, but Lucario used {{m|Copycat}} to counter his attack, causing a big explosion. Despite the large amount of damage both Pokémon had taken, they still managed to stand up. At the end of the climactic fight, Pikachu and Lucario fired blasts of Electro Ball and Aura Sphere. Aura Sphere, however, overpowered Electro Ball, knocking Pikachu out, and thus eliminating Ash from the Vertress Conference, placing him in Top 8.