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Kiawe (anime)

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Kiawe lives on a farm on [[Akala Island]] with his parents, [[Rango]] and [[Sima]], and his little sister [[Mimo]]. Prior to enrolling in the [[Pokémon School]], a younger Kiawe was encouraged to become a {{type|Fire}} {{pkmn|Trainer}} by his [[Kiawe's grandfather|grandfather]]. As such, Kiawe would go to [[Wela Volcano Park]] during the [[Wela Fire Festival]] to see his grandfather crown Fire-type Pokémon with his parents.
Years later, Kiawe {{pkmn2|caught}} a {{TP|Kiawe|Turtonator}}, completed [[Olivia]]'s [[Island challenge|grand trial]], and he inherited his grandfather's [[Z-Ring]] and [[Firium Z]] from her. Later, Kiawe had Olivia crown Turtonator during the Wela Fire Festival to help it become stronger.
==={{series|Sun & Moon}}===