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Decolore Islands

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* This is the second archipelago region Ash has visited, the first being the [[Orange Archipelago]]. However, unlike the Orange Archipelago, there is neither any type of {{pkmn|League}} known to exist in the Decolore Islands nor any regional {{pkmn|Professor}}.
** This is the only region in which Ash, or any main character, hasn't caught a new Pokémon.
* At 20 episodes, the Decolore Islands journey is the shortest arc of the anime.
* Decolora was used as the [[Original Trainer|OT]] of Japanese {{DL|List of Wi-Fi Japanese event Pokémon distributions in Generation V|Decolora Jirachi|Jirachi}} event distribution via Wi-Fi in 2013, a reference to {{p|Jirachi}}'s appearance in ''[[BW132|Searching for a Wish!]]''.