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{{TRT}} approaches an abandoned mine, which [[James]] reveals that it was once a gold mine. [[Jessie]] is thrilled by the potential mountain of treasure and laughs as she imagines herself surrounded by gold bricks. James clarifies that the mine has not been operational for years, but Jessie reminds him that finding gold will get them a big promotion from the {{an|Giovanni|Boss}}. With James now on board with the plot, the trio begin searching the mine for gold veins. They find a mining cart and use it to travel deeper into the abandoned mine. Everyone is becoming increasingly nervous by the pitch darkness. As they see two shining, eye-like points of light and a toothy grin in the distance, Team Rocket becomes thoroughly frightened. James hastily pulls on the brake with the sharp stop, incidentally throwing Meowth out of the trolley. The smiling figure approaches them, so James places the mechanism into reverse. As Jessie and James roll backwards, {{MTR}} finds himself alone. The apparition leaps down from the ceiling to stand in front of Meowth, and Meowth looks at it. Meowth screams, erratically attempting to run away before tripping and apparently fainting. The mysterious figure, a {{p|Sableye}}, pokes at Meowth twice before scratching its head in befuddlement.
Jessie and James, now outside of the mine, poke their heads out and realize Meowth is missing. Ash's voice is heard, and Jessie and James turn toward the group. Seeing that they are approaching, Jessie and James clamber out of the trolley, with {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}} comically falling before scampering after them. May asks Max that he heard the place used to be a real gold mine. Max replies that he is pretty sure, admitting that the [[PokéNav]]] does not have any information on it at all. Brock states that it looks to him that the mine has been abandoned for a really long time. After finding that the lights still work, Ash explains to the others that it is in awesome place to test their courage, however his friends are reluctant. Ash explains that it is part of training, and that he thinks it is important to put a good scare into Corphish to calm it down. Ash assures them that it will indeed work, and explains the plot by secretively whispering it to them. Cheerfully, May remarks that she thinks Ash's plan will actually work, and asks Max if he is coming too, which he does. Hiding behind a stack of crates, Jessie and James overhear the group's plan. Jessie sees the mine adventure as an opportunity to nab {{AP|Pikachu}}. James, however, adds that although they may be [[twerp]]s, he thinks they should warn them about the {{t|Ghost}}s. Wobbuffet loudly concurs with Jessie, and quickly Jessie and James nervously cover his mouth to avoid being discovered.
May and Max enter the mine in a trolley. May explains all they have to do then is dress up as ghosts and scare Corphish. May bends over and procures a white sheet, presenting it to Max, who remains sceptical of the ploy. Meanwhile, Meowth awakes in the mine control room with Sableye standing over him. Meowth, frightened, frantically states that he will do anything before he recognizes the apparition, asking if it is a Sableye. Sableye explains the situation to Meowth, and Meowth translates that Sableye likes to scare humans and does not mean any harm. Sableye affirms Meowth's comments and brings out a rock, crunching part of it with its sharp teeth. Meowth admits that he has not eaten all day, so Sableye offers it to him, but Meowth quickly realizes it’s a rock. Noting Sableye's laughter, Meowth demands that Sableye get over it and that it was not that funny. Meowth realizes that Sableye is simply wanting company and queries where he is. Sableye answers that they’re standing in the mine control room, when Meowth notices the surveillance screens showing May and Max huddled in a mine cart. Sableye then invites Meowth to scare the twerps for good. Meowth considers his options and agrees to join Sableye in the hopes of getting all of the gold treasure for himself.