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{{series|Sun & Moon}}
In ''[[SM104|That's Some Spicy Island Research!]]'', Kiawe and his classmates headed over to [[Poni Island]] for their individual research projects for school. Kiawe's project was to train with his Pokémon. Kiawe traveled to the [[Ruins of Hope]] with Ash in ''[[SM107|Run, Heroes, Run!]]''. They were unable to find {{DL|Guardian deities (anime)|Tapu Fini}}, so Kiawe proceeded to have a battle against Ash, but it angered Tapu Fini, causing Ash, Pikachu, Turtonator, and Marowak to become trapped in a veil of water. In order to free them, Tapu Fini tasked Kiawe with retrieving scales from {{DL|Guardian deities (anime)|Tapu Lele}} within a certain time-frame. Kiawe proceeded to Akala Island on Charizard and arrived at the [[Ruins of Life]], where he battled Tapu Lele and received some scales. Returning to the Ruins of Hope, Kiawe freed Ash and the others, then received a [[Flyinium Z]] from Tapu Fini, which Kiawe proceeded to use on Charizard.
In [[SM129]], Kiawe was among the 151 trainers taking part in the [[Manalo Conference]]. Using Turtonator, Kiawe participated in the [[Battle Royal]] preliminary round and was among the 16 Trainers remaining at the end. In [[SM131]], he faced [[Acerola]] in his first round battle. Despite Acerola's tricky strategies with her newly-caught {{p|Gengar}}, [[nickname]]d "Greedy Rapooh", Kiawe eventually emerged victorious, advancing to the second round.