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==In the anime==
===In the main series===
{{incomplete|section|2=Role in SM136}}
[[File:Acerola anime.png|thumb|250px|Acerola in the {{pkmn|anime}}]]
Acerola debuted in ''[[SM073|Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?]]''. She is close friends with [[Ula'ula Island]] residents [[Piko]] and {{OBP|Nene|Alola}}, who refer to her as "Big Sis". She read them a story regarding a mischievous spirit known as the Greedy Rapooh and later went for a walk with them. During the walk, they came across {{TRT}}, who had accidentally released the Greedy Rapooh, which was actually a {{p|Gengar}}, from the shrine that it had been sealed in.
Acerola found herself kidnapped by Greedy Rapooh, who then began to steal various items despite her requests for it to stop. Her {{Shiny}} {{p|Mimikyu}}, [[nickname]]d Mimikins, eventually rescued her from Greedy Rapooh, which resulted in them falling to the ground. The Greedy Rapooh then started begging Acerola to take it with her, offering her all the items in its possession, but she refused, believing her work at the library to be more important and valuable. Throwing a tantrum, Gengar tried to forcibly take Acerola with it, but she was saved by {{TRT}}, who had followed Gengar in an attempt to get back the [[Darkinium Z]] it had stolen from them. Having seen Team Rocket saving Acerola, [[Nanu]] chose to give them a [[Z-Power Ring]], allowing them to defeat Gengar. Later, a sympathetic Acerola told Gengar that it could come to visit her at the library from time to time, filling it with happiness. After Nanu had let Team Rocket keep the Z-Power Ring, Mimikins gave Jessie a [[Mimikium Z]] as a gift.
In ''[[SM074|Tough Guy Trials!]]'', Acerola met {{Ash}}, who had traveled to [[Ula'ula Island]] so he could challenge Nanu to a grand trial. After realizing that Ash was tricked into taking care of Nanu's {{alo|Meowth}} while he left to be lazy somewhere else, Acerola took Ash to her library, where she read a story about "the {{p|Necrozma|Blinding One}}". When Nanu arrived to find his missing {{wp|kendama}}, which Acerola had stolen to lure him to her, he was forced by Acerola to accept Ash's challenge to battle him. She later refereed the battle between Ash and his {{AP|Lycanroc}} against Nanu and his {{p|Krookodile}}, which Ash lost. When Nanu told Ash he wasn't ready to face him and should just return to [[Melemele Island]], Ash refused and decided to stay on Ula'ula and train for a rematch. Later, at Ash's request, Acerola suggested they go and see {{DL|Guardian deities (anime)|Tapu Bulu}} so it could help Ash.
In [[SM129]], Acerola greeted Ash and his classmates when they arrived at the [[Manalo Stadium]]. She was revealed to be among the 151 Trainers taking part in the [[Battle Royal]] preliminary round of the [[Manalo Conference]]. She competed with her {{p|Shuppet}}, and was ultimately among the 16 Trainers still standing in the end. The match-ups for the next round revealed that she would be battling {{an|Kiawe}}.
In [[SM131]], Acerola went up against Kiawe, using Greedy Rapooh against [[Kiawe's Marowak]]. She ended up losing when Marowak retrieved its bone from Greedy Rapooh and knocked it out. In [[SM135]], she watched the battle between Kiawe and {{an|Gladion}} in the stands.
She reappeared in [[SM136]].
In ''[[SM094|A Haunted House for Everyone!]]'', Mimikins accompanied Acerola to [[Melemele Island]] and visited the [[Pokémon School]]. Ash and {{ashcl}} were turning it into a haunted house for [[Harper and Sarah]], but Mimikins' presence attracted several other {{type|Ghost}} Pokémon.
It reappeared in [[SM129]], [[SM131]], [[SM135]], and [[SM136]].
Mimikins's only known move is {{m|Shadow Claw}}.}}
|img=Acerola GengarGreedy Rapooh.png
|epname=Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?
|vaen=Marc Thompson
|desc={{p|Gengar}}, [[nickname]]d '''Greedy Rapooh''' (Japanese: '''欲しがりラプー''' ''Greedy Rapooh'') and sometimes shortened to simply '''Rapooh''' (Japanese: '''ラプー''' ''Rapooh''), is a {{pkmn2|Totem}}-sized Pokémon that Acerola befriended in ''[[SM073|Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?]]''r. Acerola first met Gengar when it broke free from a shrine that {{TRT}} accidentally unsealed it from. When Acerola tried to scold Gengar and stop it from causing trouble, it took a liking to her and kidnapped her. It then stole a large variety of objects, including Team Rocket's [[Darkinium Z]], in an effort to have Acerola stay with it, but to no avail.
Team Rocket later saved Acerola with the help of [[Nanu]], their new [[Z-Power Ring]], and {{m|Black Hole Eclipse}}. Gengar initially felt rejected by Acerola, but after being told that it can visit her in the library she works in at any time, it happily accepted the offer.
In ''[[SM090|Securing the Future!]]'', Gengar joined the rest of Alola in showering {{DL|Light trio (anime)|Necrozma}} with light so it could return to its {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Necrozma|true form}}.
In [[SM131]], Acerola was revealed to have caught Gengar, using it in her battle against {{an|Kiawe}} during the [[Manalo Conference]]. However, it was eventually defeated whenby {{TP|[[Kiawe|'s Marowak}} retrieved its bone from Greedy Rapooh and knocked it out]].
Greedy Rapooh's known moves are {{m|Shadow Ball}}, {{m|Shadow Punch}}, and {{m|Thief}}, and its [[Ability]] is {{a|Cursed Body}}.}}
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===In the Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer===
[[File:Skyla Flint Acerola brieflyMasters appearedTrailer.png|250px|thumb|Acerola (right) in the [[Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer]], where she, [[Skyla]], and {{EF|Flint}} battled a female {{pkmn|Trainer}}, [[Iris]], and {{ga|Barry}} at a stadium. The outcome of the {{pkmn|battle}} was left unknown.
Acerola briefly appeared in the [[Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer]], where she, [[Skyla]], and {{EF|Flint}} battled [[Bettie]], [[Iris]], and {{ga|Barry}} at a stadium. The outcome of the {{pkmn|battle}} was left unknown.
|img=Acerola Palossand Masters Trailer.png
|epnum=Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer
|epname=Pokémon Masters Animated Trailer
|desc={{p|Palossand}} is Acerola's only known Pokémon. Alongside [[Skyla's Swanna]] and [[Flint's Infernape]], it battled a female Trainer[[Bettie]]'s {{p|Pikachu}}, [[Iris]]'s {{p|Haxorus}}, and {{ga|Barry}}'s {{p|Piplup}}. The outcome of the battle was left unknown.
Palossand's only known move is {{m|Sand Tomb}}.}}
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
[[File:Acerola Adventures.png|thumb|180px|Acerola in Pokémon Adventures]]
Acerola debutedwas infirst thementioned in [[PASM15PASM14]]. She was first mentioned by [[Mallow]], who considered asking herAcerola and [[Ilima]] to join her, [[Kiawe]], and [[Lana]] in raiding [[Team Skull]]'s [[Po Town|base]]. Acerola properly debuted in [[PASM15]], where she found an unconscious {{adv|Sun}} and [[Lillie]] on a beach and took them to the [[Aether House]] to recuperate.
Acerola first appeared in person at a beach onIn [[Ula'ula IslandPASM16]], where she found {{adv|Sun}} and [[Lillie]] lying unconscious after being attacked by a wild {{p|Bruxish}}. With her {{p|Sandygast}}'s help, Acerola transported the two to the [[Aether House]] to recuperate. By the time both had awakened, Acerola had stepped out to take a call. After finishing the call, Acerola properly introduced herself to Sun and Lillie. Sheand took the twothem to the [[{{OBP|Thrifty Megamart (|Abandoned Site)|formerabandoned Thrifty Megamart]]}}. soShe thatgave Sun maya participate in his next[[Island challenge|trial.]] Acerolaand tasked Sunhim with taking a photo ofphotographing the [[Totem Pokémon]] that liveslived ininside the abandonedbuilding. siteWhile and headsSun offdid the trial, Acerola left to waitgo formeet with Mallow's group to arrive. Later, Acerolashe received a photo from Sun, who managed to take a picture of the Totem {{p|Mimikyu}} from theSun, Thriftywho Megamart.had Havingsuccessfully completed histhe task, Acerola approved of Sun being allowed to meet with {{p|Tapu Bulu}}trial.
In [[PASM17]], afterAcerola, meeting up withKiawe, Mallow's, groupLana, Acerola took the Akala Captains to Po Town. They soon met up with Ilima, who had broughtand [[Hau]] alongarrived withat himPo to assist in confronting Team SkullTown. Shortly after entering the area the group was accosted by several {{tc|Team Skull Grunt}}s and theTheir commotionpresence alerted Team Skull's leaderboss, [[Guzma]], who demanded to know why his base was being intrudedinvaded. When the Captains' group statedrevealed they only wanted to talk, Guzma agreed to their request, but only on the condition that they weremade able to makeit to him first. AsHe hethen says this,summoned a {{p|Pheromosa}}, {{p|Celesteela}}, and {{p|Guzzlord}} appearand tohad them attack the Captains and Hau. Despite their best efforts, Acerola's groupand the others were completely outmatched by the rampaging [[Ultra Beast]]s.
The threeIn [[Ultra BeastPASM18]]s proceeded to rampage, attacking anything in sight. As the battle went on, Sun arrived onat thePo sceneTown, only to get caught up in the commotion. Eventually,Annoyed the Captains' Pokémonwere arestill defeatedfighting, but Guzma reveals he is in possession ofrevealed a {{p|Cosmog}}, whichand hehad usedit more [[Ultra Wormhole]]s in order to summonopen more Ultra Beastswormholes. Shortly after, [[Gladion]] appeared, anddemanding demandedto that Guzma tell himknow where heGuzma receivedgot the Cosmog and Ultra Beasts from. After revealingRevealing his true goalaim is to destroy the Ultra Beasts, Gladion sendsbattled outthe beasts Guzma summoned with his {{pTP|Gladion|Type: Null}}. To everyone's shock, Gladion also revealed the [[Aether Foundation]]'s president, [[Lusamine]], was the one who gave Guzma Cosmog as part of her plan to battlecreate a paradise filled with nothing but Ultra Beasts and herself. Eventually, the beasts Guzmabroke summonedout of Po Town's barrier, allowing them to wreak havoc on all of Ula'ula Island. Acerola and the other Captains headed off to various locations to evacuate any innocent civilians caught in the beasts' attacks.
DespiteIn the[[PASM22]], Captains' Pokémon failing to even scratch the Ultra BeastsAcerola, Type: Null is easily able to harm them due to the [[Aether FoundationSophocles]] specifically creating it to fight beasts. To everyone's shock, Gladion reveals that the Aether Foundation's president[[Molayne]], [[LusamineProfessor Kukui]], is the one who gave Guzma his beasts and isGladion secretlyfought using him to fuel her desire foroff a paradise filled with nothing but Ultra BeastsCelesteela and herself.Guzzlord Eventually,at the beasts manage{{rt|10|Alola}} to breakprevent freethem from Poreaching Town's[[Hokulani barrier, allowing them to wreak havoc on all of Ula'ulaObservatory]]. TheGladion Captainseasily headdefeated offCelesteela toand variouslater differentdefeated locationsGuzzlord to evacuateprevent anyit innocentfrom civilianshurting caught in the beasts' attacks[[Lillie]].
Later, Acerola, Gladion,In [[Professor KukuiPASM26]], [[Molayne]],the Trial Captains and [[SophoclesIsland Kahuna]]s foughtwere offrevealed ato {{p|Celesteela}}have andspent {{p|Guzzlord}}six atmonths {{rt|10|Alola}} to prevent them from reachingon [[HokulaniExeggutor ObservatoryIsland]], whichtraining wasto being used as a shelterprepare for thoseanother caughtclash up inwith the Ultra Beasts' rampage. GladionAfter easilytheir defeatedtraining Celesteelawas andfinished, laterAcerola defeatedand Guzzlordthe toother preventCaptains itwent from hurtingto [[LillieHokulani Observatory]]. Tounder everyoneMolayne's shock,orders. GladionOnce andthey Lilliegathered revealedtogether, that they were siblingsAcerola and the childrenothers oftraveled Lusamine. After Lillie presented ato [[SunMount FluteLanakila]], shewhere tooka fromwormhole Aetherhad Paradiseopened whenup sheearlier. ranShortly awayafter monthsthey agoarrived, Gladiontheir decidedship thatwas theyattacked shouldby heada togroup [[Poniof Altar{{tc|theAether altar]]Foundation Employee}}s and their Ultra Beasts.
==In the TCG==
[[File:AcerolaBurningShadows142.jpg|200px|thumb|Full Art print of Acerola]]
{{main|This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Acerola (Burningor her Pokémon in the [[Pokémon Trading ShadowsCard 112)}}Game]].
'''Acerola''' was introduced as a {{TCG|Supporter card}} in the [[Pokémon Trading Card Game]] during the English Sun & Moon Series (the Japanese SM Era). It was first released in the Japanese {{TCG|Facing a New Trial}} subset before debuting in English in the {{TCG|Burning Shadows}} expansion, with an illustration based on the [[Ken Sugimori]] artwork of the character. It was also released as a {{TCG|Full Art card}} in Facing a New Trial and Burning Shadows, with an illustration by [[Megumi Mizutani]]. It allows the player to put 1 of their Pokémon with any damage counters on it and all cards attached to it into their hand.
{{-cardlist/header|Acerola's Pokémon|Psychic|char=yes}}
{{cardlist/entry|cardname={{TCG ID|Dream League|Mimikyu|58}}|type=Psychic|jpset=Dream League|jprarity=CHR|jpnum=058/049}}
{{cardlist/div|Other related cards|Psychic}}
{{cardlist/entry|cardname={{TCG ID|Burning Shadows|Acerola|112}}|type=Supporter
|enset=Burning Shadows|enrarity=Uncommon|ennum=112/147|jpset=Facing a New Trial|jpnum=047/049
|enset2=Burning Shadows|enrarity2=Rare Ultra|ennum2=142/147|jpset2=Facing a New Trial|jprarity2=SR|jpnum2=056/049
|enset3=Yellow A Alternate cards|ennum3=112a/147|jpset3=Full Metal Wall|jprarity3=TR|jpnum3=054/054}}
* Despite Acerola referring to [[Island Kahuna]] [[Nanu]] as "uncle", they are not related, as stated on page 174 of the [[Pokémon Sun & Pokémon Moon: The Official Strategy Guide]]. "Uncle" and "Aunty" are often used as a label of endearment and closeness of a person of non-familial ties in Hawaii.
* Acerola is the only [[Trial Captain]] who is not battled under the {{DL|Pokémon Trainer|Trainer class}} "Captain"; the only one who is also a member of the Elite Four, and vice -versa; and the only one who does not participate in [[Mina]]'s trial.
* Acerola is 4'9" (145 cm) tall.
* According to official artbooks, like [[Phoebe]], Acerola can communicate with {{type|Ghost}} Pokémon.