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In the anime: It wasn't dodged.
In [[SM129]], Snowy was used in the [[Manalo Conference]]. With help from {{an|Kiawe}} and {{TP|Kiawe|Turtonator}}, it was able to defeat a {{p|Salamence}}. Snowy's efforts allowed Lillie to progress to the next round.
In [[SM131]], Lillie used Snowy in her Manalo Conference battle against Gladion and his {{TP|Gladion|Umbreon}}. Using {{a|Snow Cloak}} to hide and Aurora Veil to defend itself, Snowy was able to withstand Umbreon's attacks, giving Lillie a chance to perform {{m|Subzero Slammer}}. However, Umbreon was able to dodgesurvive the [[Z-Move]] before defeating Snowy with a super-effective {{m|Iron Tail}}, eliminating Lillie from the tournament.
===Personality and characteristics===