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{{Ash}}, {{AP|Pikachu}}, {{AP|Corphish}}, {{AP|Treecko}}, and {{AP|Taillow}}his arePokémon sittingstand on the beach withwaiting for the oceannext behindwave to wash themashore. AshThe thenhuge givessurge thesoon commandmakes andlandfall, hethough Ash and histhe Pokémon all dodgerun outfrom ofit thein way of the wavetime. {{an|May}} and [[Max]] cheer andseeing Ash's {{pkmn|training}} finally paying off. {{an|Brock}} sayscalls thateveryone theover foodfor is readybreakfast. TheyAs they are all sitting down to eat as a girl comes in on a wave, surfing. She leaps off her surfboard and introduces herself as {{ho|Shauna}} the {{tc|Battle Girl}}, [[Brawly]]'s top student and girlfriend. She challenges Ash to a fight, but Ash declines, saying he wants to eat first. Shauna gets mad at this, but then her belly growls, and she collapses in embarrassment. SheBrock theninvites heads overher to eat with them, and Shauna eagerly takes a seat on the table and digs in. Out at sea, {{MTR}} is looking out of the [[Team Rocket's mechas|sub's periscope]] when he realizes that [[Jessie]] and [[James]] are eating stew. Angry,He heangrily walksconfronts overhis toteammates them.before Meowthproposing getsa over it then tells them about anew plan to capturesteal {{AP|Pikachu}}. EverybodyThey is eating when Shauna and Ashsoon get into a fight. Brock convinces them to helpwork cleandigging uppitfall andtraps they begin to washacross the dishes as fast as they can. They are soon in a rivalrybeach.
Later, Shauna and Ash both finish their meals at the same time before getting into an argument. Max and May observe that the pair are remarkably similar. Shauna declares that she learned of Ash from Brawly, and she was furious to learn that he considered the Ash a better {{TRTpkmn|Trainer}}. isBrock busyconvinces diggingthem holesto onhelp clean up and they begin to wash the beachdishes as Brockfast isas pickingthey upcan. sticksBrock takes the opportunity to makecollect asticks firefor woodfirewood. BrockHe suddenly senses that something is wrongamiss as he sees a group of {{p|Shroomish}} running by and storm clouds gathering in the distance. Ash and Shauna are finally ready to begin their battle while {{TRT}} watch on. Ash chooses to fight with Pikachu while Shauna sends out a {{p|Meditite}}., which May looks it up on her [[Pokédex]] as. Ash tellshas Pikachu to get ready. They begin their fight while Team Rocket looks on. Pikachu usesuse {{m|Quick Attack}} and Meditite uses {{m|Detect}} to dodge. BrawlyJessie thenis approachesbecoming themirritated andas tellsPikachu themand thatMeditite theysomehow needmanage to getavoid setting off any of their pitfall traps. Shauna calls for a {{m|High Jump Kick}}, though Pikachu manoeuvres itself out of therethe becauseway. therePikachu isprepares to land a bigQuick stormAttack comingwhen inBrawly arrives on the scene. BrockShauna is particularly nervous to see Brawly and [[recall]]s her Meditite. Brawly informs sayseveryone that Shaunaa hurricane is due to hit [[Dewford Island]] and hadcalls toldfor them thatto shefind wasa Brawly'ssafer girlfriendspot to evacuate to. ShaunaBrawly putsturns herhis handattention overto Shauna, and as Brock's is about to explain the situation, Shauna covers his mouth and drags him off. The weather forecast concerns James, but Meowth assures that him that they will be safe if they stay underwater in the Magikarp sub.
TheyThe group, Brawly and Shauna are hurrying off to get out of the storm when they see three {{p|WingullSeedot}} huddledand togetherthree Shroomish, which they invite to seek refuge in a nestnearby cave. ShaunaAs invitesfor themTeam toRocket, comethey withdesperately them.cling Theyonto thenthe alsoside seeof threetheir {{p|Seedot}}sub andwhen threeMeowth Shroomishrealizes andthat invitethe thementry alonghatch toois stuck. TeamA Rocketgiant iswave clingingsoon desperatelycrashes, tosending the sidetrio ofand their sub asflying theoff wavesinto tossthe itdistance. backSoon, andBrawly forth.leads Theeveryone gangup isthe walkingside alongof a steep cliff-side. whenMay Brawlyis saysbecoming thatincreasingly theyfrightened shouldby allthe height, so Ash suggests everyone hold hands. EverybodyAs everyone grabs hands,a buthand, Shauna refuses to grab Brawly's hand, blushing. AsMay queries if Shauna is actually Brawly's girlfriend, and the odd statement leaves Brawly baffled. Shauna finally reveals the truth, that she grabshopes to be Brawly's girlfriend one day and that she isn’t his top apprentice. Brawly calls for everyone to focus on the evacuation effort and he’ll discuss Shauna's lies later. As Shauna grabs Brawly's hand, a rock above them splits and starts to fall. Brawly releasessends out {{pTP|Brawly|Hariyama}}, who blocks the rock. Team Rocket is tossed off their sub and land on the path in front of Ash and {{ashfr}}, and beg to be taken along. They find a cave and shelter inside, with some wild Pokémon. Everybody except Shauna are sitting around the fire, talking. Brawly convinces Shauna to come over and sit withinvites them. Theyalong also invite Team Rocket to do theas samewell.
MaxEveryone walks outside and discovers thatreaches the stormcave isand over.shelter Teaminside, Rocketwith jumpsa inwarm front of themfire and recitesome their[[wild mottoPokémon]]. JessieEverybody releaseexcept {{TP|Jessie|Seviper}}Shauna whoare usessitting {{m|Poisonaround Tail}}the whilefire, Jamestalking. releasesBrock’s {{TP|James|Cacnea}} who uses {{m|Pin Missile}} but Pikachuattention managesturns to avoid those attacksShauna, and Ash commands it to use Thunderbolt, but Brawly stops him and saidexplains that usingshe Thunderboltisn’t willhis makeapprentice thebecause wallsof inher theshort cavefuse crumble.and He sends out Hariyama andshe is quickly ableyet to senddevelop thema blasting offconnection with anher {{m|Arm Thrust}}Pokémon. ShaunaBrawly thenconvinces tellsShauna Ashand thatthe sheRocket wantstrio to finishcome theirover match.and Thesit battlewith isthem. quicklyThe beingfollowing controlledday, byMax Shaunawalks whenoutside Ashand tells Pikachuannounces to imagineeveryone that Medititethe storm is a waveover. PikachuTeam managesRocket toreveals dodgewhere thentheir usestrue Thunderboltloyalties tolie knockand Medititeblock out.the Brawlysave commentsentrance thatas Ashthey hasrecite improvedtheir since{{motto}}. theirJessie lastselects battle{{TP|Jessie|Seviper}} andwho tellsuses Shauna{{m|Poison thatTail}} hewhile wouldJames likecalls toout be{{TP|James|Cacnea}} ablewho touses train{{m|Pin herMissile}}. AshPikachu, tellshowever Brawlydodges thatthe heattacks. isAs readyPikachu forprepares theirto rematch.use {{m|Thunderbolt}}, Brawly agreesstops him and tells Ashexplains that heusing wantsThunderbolt towill battle somewhere different. They all walk over tomake the oceancave aswalls itcrumble. splits,He revealing a stone path that leadssends out toHariyama anwho island.batters TheTeam battleRocket for thewith {{Badgem|KnuckleArm Thrust}}, issending aboutthem toblasting beginoff.
Shauna is keen to battle against Ash, and he agrees to finish their match. Shauna makes the first [[move]], with her Meditite preparing to land a {{m|Focus Punch}}. Ash orders Pikachu to anticipate Meditite's movements like the ocean waves before sprinting into a Quick Attack. However Meditite surprisingly evades the attack and begins to {{m|Meditate}}. Ash orders a follow up Quick Attack, but Meditite leaps to the left. Brock and the others remark that Shauna has changed her battle strategy, while Brawly adds that she now has focus. Ash urges Pikachu to stay put as Meditite rushes in for a High Jump Kick. Pikachu makes a sudden leap before knocking Meditite out with a direct Thunderbolt. Brawly comments that Ash has improved since their [[AG020|last battle]] and tells Shauna that he would like to mentor her. Ash tells Brawly that he is ready for their [[rematch]]. Brawly agrees and tells Ash that he wants to battle somewhere different; his practice field. He escorts them over to an island and they watch as the ocean splits, revealing a connecting stone path. Ash is determined to be victorious as his battle for the {{Badge|Knuckle}} is about to begin.
==Major events==