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Ten Carat Hill

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An isolated area of Ten Carat Hill can be accessed from [[Melemele Sea]] using [[Poké Ride|Sharpedo Jet]]. An isolated part of Ten Carat Hill: Farthest Hollow can be accessed from the west side of Ten Carat Hill's cave; in [[Pokémon Sun and Moon]] only, [[Poké Ride|Machamp Shove]] is required to do this.
In the [[Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Special Demo Version]], a man at the northwest end of [[Hau'oli City]] by the [[Pokémon Center]] will guide the {{player}} here. He will also guide the player back to the city from the hill. In the demo, the area comprises the cave and the Farthest Hollow, as well as an open area which does not appear in the full game.