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Coumarine City

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Hotel Coumarine
On the second floor of Hotel Coumarine, a group of travelers will rotate in and out of the rooms. Any of the travelers not at Hotel Coumarine on one day may be found at the hotels in [[Camphrier Town]], [[Ambrette Town]], [[Cyllage City]], [[Geosenge Town]], and [[Couriway Town]].
Six travelers will rotate among the first room on a six-day cycle: a {{tc|Hiker}}, a {{tc|Waiter}}, a {{tc|Madame}}, a {{tc|Maid}}, a male {{tc|Tourist}}, and a {{tc|Backpacker}} (in that order); as the {{player}} talks to these travelers on different days (at any hotel), they will gradually open up to the player. A female {{tc|Tourist}} who gives out [[Ribbon]]s will also occupy the second room every [[Days of the week#Sunday 7|Sunday]] and [[Days of the week#Thursday 7|Thursday]].
The Game Director also occupies the third room and will ask the player to show him their [[Pokédex]] once it is complete. He will give out [[Diploma]]s for completing the [[List of Pokémon by Kalos Pokédex number|Central Kalos, Coastal Kalos, Mountain Kalos, Kalos]], and [[National Pokédex]]es.