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Dr. Fuji (anime)

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In the anime
After the original {{p|Charmander}}two, {{p|Bulbasaur}}two, and {{p|Squirtle}}two died during the experiment, Ambertwo—the cloned form of Amber—died as well, eliciting a heightened emotional response from Mewtwo. Dr. Fuji panicked and administered a form of emotion-suppressing serum to Mewtwo, which may have caused its seemingly-twisted personality. Time passed and Mewtwo matured, though shortly after gaining consciousness, it destroyed the lab on [[New Island]], presumably killing everyone—including Fuji. A record of Fuji's final words survived the explosion, which Mewtwo ended up keeping, and was later discovered by [[Jessie]], [[James]], and {{MTR}}, who sneaked into New Island.
Dr. Fuji will reappearreappeared in [[M22]], which is a remake of ''Mewtwo Strikes Back''.