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In ''[[BW068|An Amazing Aerial Battle!]]'', Ash used Pikachu against [[Skyla]]'s {{p|Unfezant}} in his [[Mistralton Gym]] battle, and Pikachu was able to defeat it with a combination of Iron Tail and Electro Ball. Pikachu stayed in the battle to fight Skyla's last Pokémon, {{TP|Skyla|Swanna}}. Despite having a type advantage, Pikachu's Electric moves proved to be useless when Swanna used {{m|Aqua Ring}} to protect itself against them. When Swanna ascended, Ash had the idea to have Pikachu jump on the rings above the battle field, while using Quick Attack, to get close to Swanna. Though this worked, Swanna quickly recovered and hit Pikachu with Bubble Beam, knocking him to the ground. Pikachu was then defeated by a powerful combination of {{m|Hurricane}} and Brave Bird.
In ''[[BW069|Climbing the Tower of Success!]]'', Ash and Pikachu entered the [[Wishing Bell Festival]]. By working together, they managed to reach the final round, where they had to climb [[Mistralton Tower]] while protecting the flame of their {{p|Litwick}} candle. Despite Pikachu doing his best to protect the candle from a bunch of {{p|Pidove}}'s attacks, [[Stephan]]'s Litwick candle, which turned out to have been a real Litwick all along, blew out Ash's, causing Ash to end up in second place.
In ''[[BW084|Rocking the Virbank Gym! Part 2]]'', Ash chose Pikachu as his final Pokémon in his Gym battle with [[Roxie]]. He faced Roxie's strongest Pokémon, {{p|Garbodor}}, who had already beaten Ash's Pignite and {{AP|Palpitoad}}. Garbodor started off using Double Slap, but Pikachu used his swift movements to dodge Garbodor's long arms, causing them to tangle up. Pikachu used this opportunity to hit Garbodor hard with Quick Attack. Garbodor then attacked by swinging its arms at Pikachu, but he managed to dodge again and shocked the Trash Heap Pokémon with a powerful Thunderbolt. As Pikachu went for an Iron Tail, Garbodor knocked him back with its arms and followed up with several {{m|Gunk Shot}}s. Cornered by these attacks, Pikachu got caught by Garbodor's arms and was then hit by a series of Double Slaps. He was then hit by Gunk Shot, {{status|poison}}ing him. Roxie then ordered Garbodor to finish Pikachu off with {{m|Venoshock}}, but due to all the [[physical move|physical contact]] Pikachu had made with Garbodor, Pikachu's Static Ability had activated, paralyzing Garbodor. Pikachu used this opportunity to hit Garbodor with Thunderbolt, but it was able to withstand it and used Venoshock. Pikachu, however, overpowered the attack with Electro Ball and hit Garbodor, knocking it out, making Ash victorious and earning him his eighth and final Unova Badge, the {{badge|Toxic}}, thus allowing him to enter the Unova League.