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Timeline of events in the anime

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* {{Ash}} is given an errand by {{an|Professor Oak}} to travel to the [[Orange Archipelago]] and retrieve a [[GS Ball|mysterious Poké Ball]] from [[Professor Ivy]] on [[Valencia Island]].
* {{Gary}} is revealed to have left [[Pallet Town]] for a new [[Pokémon journey]].
* The {{p|Spearow}} from [[EP001|the first episode]] returns as a {{DL|Ash's Fearow|In the anime|Fearow}}, which Ash unsuccessfully attempts to capture{{pkmn2|caught|catch}}.
* Ash's {{p|Pidgeotto}} evolves into a {{TP|Ash|Pidgeot}}.
* {{Ash}} {{pkmn2|released|releases}} his Pidgeot to protect other {{p|Pidgey}} and Pidgeotto from the Spearow and Fearow flock.
| style="text-align:center" |''[[EP120|Roll On, Pokémon!]]''
* {{Ash}} and {{an|Brock}} attempt to capture{{pkmn2|caught|catch}} a {{p|Donphan}}, but stop upon finding out it already has an {{pkmn|Trainer|owner}}.
* [[Ash's Heracross]] is revealed to know {{m|Tackle}}, {{m|Horn Attack}}, and {{m|Endure}}.
* [[Misty's Poliwag]] is revealed to know {{m|Bubble}}.
* [[Ash's Totodile]] is revealed to know {{m|Headbutt}}.
* Misty uses her [[Lure Ball]] to {{pkmn2|caught|catch}} a {{TP|Misty|Corsola}}.
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| style="text-align:center" |''[[EP214|Mantine Overboard!]]''
* {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} meet [[Luka]].
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| style="text-align:center" |''[[EP215|Octillery The Outcast!]]''
| style="text-align:center" |''[[SS004|Showdown at the Oak Corral]]''
* {{DeliaTracey}} battlesmeets the [[Magikarp salesman]] for the first time on-screen.
* {{an|Professor Oak}} and {{Delia}} meet [[Butch]] and [[Cassidy]] for the first time.
* Delia battles for the first time onscreen.
* [[Mimey]] is revealed to know {{m|Double Slap}}.
* [[Tracey's Scyther]] is revealed to know {{m|Quick Attack}} and {{m|Cut}}.
| style="text-align:center" |''[[SS008|Oaknapped!]]''
* {{an|Professor OakTracey}} begins to researchmeets [[PokérusRitchie]] for the first time.
* [[Butch]] is revealed to own a {{p|Mightyena}} while [[Cassidy]] is revealed to own a {{p|Sableye}}.
* [[Ritchie]] is revealed to have captured{{pkmn2|caught}} a {{p|Taillow}}, [[nickname]]d "Rose".
* {{an|Professor Oak}} begins to research [[Pokérus]].
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| style="text-align:center" |''[[AG020|Brave the Wave]]''
| style="text-align:center" |''[[AG059|Manectric Charge]]''
* {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} return to [[Mauville City]] while on their way to [[Petalburg City]], and meet [[Wattson]] and {{an|Watt}} again.
* [[Wattson]]'s {{p|Electrike}} [[Evolution|evolves]] into a {{TP|Wattson|Manectric}}.
* {{an|May}} has a {{pkmn|battle}} with {{an|Watt}} and wins.
* Ash has aan battleunofficial [[rematch]] with Wattson and loses.
* May learns that a [[Pokémon Contest]] will be held in [[Verdanturf Town]].
* [[Ash's Torkoal]] is revealed to know {{m|Iron Defense}}.
* May learns that a [[Pokémon Contest]] will be held in [[Verdanturf Town]].
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| style="text-align:center" |''[[AG060|Delcatty Got Your Tongue]]''
| style="text-align:center" |''[[SS015|Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl!]]''
* {{Gary}}'s {{p|Doduo}}meets is[[Butch]] revealedand to[[Cassidy]] havefor evolvedthe intofirst a {{p|Dodrio}}time.
* Gary's {{p|Doduo}} is revealed to have evolved into a {{p|Dodrio}}.
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| style="text-align:center" |''[[AG068|A Double Dilemma]]''
| style="text-align:center" |''[[AG074|Hokey Poké Balls!]]''
* {{Ash}} temporarily brings his {{AP|Bulbasaur}} from [[Professor Oak's Laboratory]] to meet [[May's Venusaur|May's Bulbasaur]].
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| style="text-align:center" |''[[AG077|A Fan with a Plan!]]''
* The [[Manalo Conference]] officially begins.
* [[Sophocles's Togedemaru]] is revealed to have learned {{m|Spiky Shield}}.
* [[Guzma]] is revealed to own a {{p|Scizor}}.
* [[Plumeria]] is revealed to own a {{p|Salazzle}}.
* [[Guzma]] is revealed to own a {{p|Scizor}}.
* {{Ash}}, {{ashcl}}, [[Jessie]], [[James]], {{an|Gladion}}, [[Hau]], {{an|Faba}}, [[Ilima]], [[Acerola]], [[Mina]], Guzma, and [[Samson Oak]] make it through the preliminary round.
* Hau is revealed to own an {{alo|Raichu}}.