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Out by the ocean, Crystal whistles to a group of Lapras, a species that Tracey immediately recognizes, and tells them to inform her if Aerodactyl tries to leave the island. The Lapras do not know what an Aerodactyl is, so Crystal gives them a manga-esque impression. After they swim away, Crystal gives another whistle and a group of Farfetch'd appear. She tells them to search for Aerodactyl and Professor Oak comments that she will make an excellent Trainer one day.
Up in a tree, Butch and Cassidy are surveying the area. They are ready to concentrate, but Aerodactyl then flies up in front of them. It uses {{m|Gust}} to send them into the bushes below.
As they prepare a bigger net, Gary, Tracey and Professor Oak walk along a path calling for Aerodactyl. They stop when Gary sadly says that he should never have become a researcher, as all he wanted to do was be the best and make Professor Oak proud. Professor Oak and Tracey are more positive as reviving an Aerodactyl is a great accomplishment. Gary says he should have realized the consequences so Professor Oak tells him that we learn from our mistakes and Tracey tells him that {{Ash}} wouldn't get so discouraged. Gary asks if they have heard from Ash and is told that he is doing really well in [[Hoenn]]. Gary brightens up on hearing this and wonders if he should have continued being a Trainer on his journey. Professor Oak tells him that his new journey has just begun and Tracey adds that what they learn is more important than the destination. One of the Farfetch'd appears and so the three follow it. Walking up a hill, Crystal, Dora and Jared also see and follow a Farfetch'd.