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Zebstrika (Pokémon)

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Zebstrika is a zebra-like Pokémon. Its coat is black with white, jagged stripes all over its body. There is one pointed stripe extending from its nose, two elaborate stripes on its neck and chest, one zigzag stripe each on its jaws, back, and hindquarters, one triangular stripe on each of its thighs, and two stripes banding each of its legs. Its ears are triangular with blue insides, while its eyes are blue with yellow sclerasclerae and white eyelashes. Its nose is black, and its hooves are gray. A white, spiked mane runs the length of its body, beginning with two horn-like extensions on its forehead and running down its back to end in a long tail with a starburst-shaped tip. This irritable Pokémon fires lightning bolts from its mane when angry. Zebstrika can move as quickly as lightning, releasing thunderclaps at full gallop.
==In the anime==